Need help with Water & Temperature Sensor notification setup

I had originally put this in the Temperature Monitoring & HVAC Control section but I’m not sure that it applies there so I am reposting.

I have a Fortrezz Water & Temperature Sensor (WWA02AA) and I need help setting up notification events. I added the device and am trying to configure it but the only event available in the Notification tab is “a device is turned on or off”. I can’t see any way to add additional notification events for detecting water or when the temperature exceeds an established limit. The documentation that came with the sensor from Fortrezz doesn’t provide anything that I can use. Can anyone help?

// M

Did you ever get a solution to this? I’m considering getting a temperature sensor to detect when my gas grill was accidentally left on, and would need to set up an alert for if the temperature of the sensor reports above a certain limit for more than a certain amount of time. I’d be curious to learn what the limitations of the alert systems are .

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