Need to finaly update vera

I am running at the moment FW 1.7.4001 VERA plus, so something like 2 years old version old FW that is the last stable version for me.

At the moment Vera is handling the house heating and announcements + 2 fans.

I need for my system

  1. Sonos TTS
  2. RFXrtx (humidity,room temperatures)
  3. Netatno (outside temperature)
  4. Fibaro single Switch

I also have Fibaro HC2 where I have move the light control, but it does not have TTS or RFX .

Question is , does those 4 components work with latest FirmWare?

If not does anyone have a hint oh cheap temperature devices 7 pce and 3 humidity sensors (zwave) that work with Fibaro hub , because I need to move heating logic to the more stable platform.

I can confirm that the plugin for the RFXtrx transceiver functions as expected with the latest firmware.

Thanks tinman … just wonder, if I make vera the secondary zwave hub under the fibaro hub. Will my RFXtrx devices be visible for fibaro gateway that way.

Do I have to load new RFXtrx application or just upgrade?

I’m not familiar at all with the Fibaro hub so I really have no idea about this. I would be very surprised if the RFXtrx devices would be visible to the Fibaro hub.
I don’t know what version of the RFXtrx plugin you’re using but I would suggest that if you want to upgrade you should probably get the zip file from Plugin update V1.84 and upload all of the files.