Nellys NSC-DB2 Door Bell Camera with no lock in Storage fees

These device look worth investigation into Vera integration as they seem to have most wanted features with no lock-in monthly storage fees

Looks promising and the price is not terrible. I did not see dimensional information in the link. Perhaps I will go to the manufacturer’s website if I get serious about looking into one. I can probably connect it to Blue Iris pretty easily.

Because it is a wi-fi device, I see someone needing to find the API for device to set up triggers for motions or even to use it within PLEG, Reactor, or Scenes to get it o, like, turn on a light or send a notification.

Good find.

I have been running this doorbell (rather a clone of it) as it is identical to the RCA HSDB2 for about 6 months. The LaView One and the EZVIZ DB1. The OEM, Hikvision, also is releasing one under their own brand. EZVIZ is a subsidiary.
Because it offers an RTSP stream, I have already integrated it to Home assistant and have it run facial recognition and movement detection which then are used as triggers in openluup. Ipcamtalk has a number a threads about it, I have been posting there too.

I highly recommend it. Much superior to any of the nest or ring or skybell by its local capabilities, resolution, 5GHz wifi, additional motion detector, etc…

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