Neo Coolcam Door\Window Sensor

Hello Just installed one of these everything seems ok but the switch on UI7 says armed\disarmed
Is this correct I was expecting open\closed

That is correct, It is not a switch it’s a security sensor, it uses different variables

ok, thanks …again!

Arm and disarm don’t affect the actual sensor, only what Vera does in response to a trigger from that sensor. An armed sensor always generates an alert entry. The state of the armed variable allows for more complex triggers for scenes or plug-ins.

Ok thanks

What is it with this Neo Cr$p When I first installed it 2 hours ago it was working fine, as soon as I moved the magnet away from the sensor it detected, 2 hours later nothing!
The light comes on the sensor itself but does not show in the UI and doesnt notify

AAAAAAAArghhhhhhhhhh, I Have similar problems with New plugs

Anyone else got this, is it the sensor or my Vera Plus


The problem you’re describing seems to be common with this sensor. Amazon has a number of critical reviews.

thanks, I’ll check those out

anyone got these setup and working for longer than a day


Yup. 2 plugs for tvs and 3 sensors working ok since almost two years.

Nice are they uk plugs, when you get a moment would you mind posting the settings please - also are they on config - default Yes\No or auto config, thanks

I have the EU version, since I’m in Italy - but I think it’s the same firmware, since EU share the same Z-wave band.

Auto-configure is off (after I configured) and here’s my settings:

I even disabled the led (annoying as hell behind TVs) and the button, so it’s not accidentally turned ON/OFF.
The sensors are very similar. Just be sure to pair them really near your Vera hub.

thank you

Strange I dont have any of these setting, I’ll try and delete\ reset then re pair

Be sure to select the appropriate device when paring, do not go with the generic device template.

Will do, but I think I did

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