Netatmo: Latest code update for UI7

Here you will find the latest version of the Netatmo plugin code for use on UI7.

Change log:

[ul][li]01-Feb-2015, add fix for UI7 bug which inserts invisible “
” sequences into device variable strings.
This should solve cases of “Authorization error”, when you know you have the right credentials entered.[/li][/ul]

Updated Netatmo.lua file to make it ALTUI-friendly (works on UI5 too.)

Displays device front panel on ALTUI without any additional configuration.

Some of the JSON files in the app store are, I think, incorrect for UI7.

Attached zip is a complete archive of the latest. These files also work for UI5.
The subdirectories are just for convenience - the .xml , .json and .lua files should, of course, all go into /etc/cmh-ludl/

The icons will have to be moved to the appropriate place (UI5 or UI7 dependent) and for some, there’s a choice you’d have to rename to select the desired ones.

The reason for not just quickly updating the App Store version is that there are so many files it is a real pain. I will get around to it sometime, though, after the next significant update.

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