New door locks throughout house

Hi, I currently have Vera Lite. I haven’t used it much, but it’s updated to the new OS, clean and fresh. I’m looking at new ZWave locks in my house (a total of 6 doors). Since I haven’t gotten much life from the Schlage FE599 lever locks, so I’m thinking deadbolt. I’m also thinking I’d like to press a button which would lock all 6 doors after my exit.

  1. What deadbolts have you had good experience with?

  2. I’ve seen other posts using door sensors, so I know if any of the doors are open during the locking process. Sounds like a good idea to me, what models are people having success with?

  3. What setup would you use in my situation, and why?

Thanks in advance!


  1. Door Locks: I would recommend the newer Yale Z-wave+ locks. Note that locks are battery operated repeaters and are high current devices which run better on lithium batteries. They have been very reliable though at times very difficult to include on the vera due to security key exchange issues but it is more of an issue with the vera than with the locks.
  2. Door sensors: 2 extremes: The Hank/Monoprice AAA operated ones because they are cheap, consume very little battery. I got them with coupons for ~$12
    The other great one is the other extreme is the sensative strip for which I was an indiegogo supporter.
    It is expensive, has a 10 year non replaceable battery but can be easily be made invisible.
  1. A simple scene to lock all of them at once is easy. You can even set this up with the house mode settings of UI7. I don’t see any difficulty doing what you are asking.

Thanks for the tips! Do you have experience with the Schlage BE469 deadbolts, good or bad? What do you like specifically about the Yale models? They seem same price so I’m curious.

I like both the door sensors for the reasons you described. I also see the “more hidden” model from Monoprice, good and cheap, seem to have good reviews. I’m wondering if they’re supported in Vera?


From what I can see the schlage models work well but I have seen more post about issues with them. For me it was more a matter of going completely keyless and not allowing the opportunity for lock picking which only yale offered. The recessed sensor works well too. Generally speaking, unless you get a very exotic zwave implementation device, the vera will support them.

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I purchased Kwikset 914 deadbolts for both my primary residence (two locks) and one for my secondary residence. I liked that they can be keyed the same at your house, and like having the key as a back up system for entry entry. I also like that one can add codes for workers remotely to allow them to enter and then one can delete those. This feature may not be that unique to zwave locks. In addition, a master code can be used on the lock itself to prevent someone from changing the code or entering new codes on the lock itself, while they are there (like a worker who you let in remotely). The battery life is pretty good. However, as I recall, there may be an issue that would allow someone to use some sort of master key to let themselves enter. I saw this on this forum after I had already installed the locks. Perhaps those who know could weigh on this.

Yes, this is the type of things which prompted me to not want to have a key as backup. It not only opens you up to lockpicking (I travel quite a bit and can tell you the standard US keys are decades behind international standards and are very easy to pick or bump) but rarely used keys are easily misplaced. There are much better backup methods than a physical key…
Eliminating the key to secure my home was what drove me to change my lock to begin with and the Yale lock supports all the code configurations and master code you mentioned.
For Kwikset the impression I got is the zwave functionality was an addition to their standard lock. A little less for Schlage while the Yale product lineup is more mature and really feels like it was designed for automation.

With residential locks you only need a locking pipe wrench and a steel tube and you can easily rip the metal pins inside the lock to disable it. Alternatively, someone wanting in your house can also break a window. So I have not typically been too concerned about master keys in the wild. I remember an old adage from my dad “locks are to keep honest people honest”.

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Not denying the facts you are stating but disagree with the victim philosophy. It’s not because the current home security is flawed and has workarounds that I am going to accept to invest in new door locks and choose something less secure because “hey… there are other loopholes anyway”. I design for improvements one step at a time and if I can take ones step in the right direction, I will take it.

Likewise, it isn’t because the vera crash on a regular basis anyway that I will accept that that’s what it is an therefore I might as well reboot it everyday… Not a solution to me. Instead, I am working one step at a time to make it last 20 days to date. :wink:

So if Vera crashes, will codes for any lock still be able to unlock it? That is why I like having a back up system like a key. I suspect that codes will still unlock the door with Vera down but have never tested that.

I use the Schlage BE469 and it operates completely standalone, with or without a Z-Wave controller available. I think most/all of the locks mentioned in this thread will be the same–they are first electronic locks, and secondarily Z-Wave-connected devices.

I second @rigpapa ‘s comment. The code is internal to the lock and is independent of the zwave controller’s presence. It just can be set by the controller.

Just my two cents - Z-Wave Plus works a lot better with locks - upgrade your VeraLite to a new Z-Wave Plus controller to get the Plus range.

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Thanks. Good info to have for future reference. I guess the other issue in terms of a key back up is if the battery runs out. That’s definitely a potential issue for people who have a secondary winter residence like me, though I try to ensure that doesn’t happen. And I assume the key would work if the battery ran out but don’t know if that is indeed true.

Agreed. The battery is the main concern and it is why I recommend to get the zwave plus version and use lithium AA batteries. There is actually also a backup battery solution using a 9V battery from the outside if it actually runs out (I happened to have had to use it and it worked well)

So the zwave plus versions of locks use up the batteries more slowly than the older zwave versions?

Yes, indeed they do.

Hi all, many thanks for all of the input. It took a few weeks, but I finally purchased and installed 6 Yale YRD216 locks (with the removable ZWave radio) and a new Vera Plus. I wanted everything newest versions for greatest chance of compatability and sucess.

Unfortunately I had a locksmith install the locks before I had them included, so I made up a 100 ft Ethernet cable and used a power extension cord so I could get Vera physically near each lock and follow the include process. (Someone from Vera support helped me try to turn on Wi-Fi inside the Vera so I could walk through the include process wirelessly, but we couldn’t get it to work).

All 6 locks were successfully included (as far as I can tell anyway), named, and added to rooms. Then Vera was placed in my data closet. However I can’t do anything with any of the locks. They all say “setting user configuration”, and “can’t detect device”. Sometimes I get notifications a lock was out of range, then later in range again.

I thought my problems might be due to Vera being physically separated from the locks, behind walls etc. So I ran a new Ethernet cable into a room closer to 4 of the locks; one of them literally 8 feet away through open air, and still get the messages.

Any advice?

Thanks all!

@jmueske Are you still on a VeraLite?

No, only VeraPlus.

I missed where you said you have upgraded to VeraPlus. With all Z-Wave Plus I don’t think you should be having this issue. Locks can always be problematic, but my two YRD246ZWs have been flawless since I upgraded to them from the older YRD240ZWs.

I have a lot of other wired z-wave plus devices, and so I don’t necessarily know if repeaters are being utilized. Are you running all battery powered devices?