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Can this be turned off or increased ? Its extremely annoying.

Thank you

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I don’t mind having a limit for the open boards, but I’ve certainly run across this problem when using PMs, which seems unnecessary, particularly when needing to follow up incrementally with, for example, more diagnostic data.

And what does this mean ?

“This topic will close 14 days after the last reply.”

If there are no replies for 14 days can no one then later add a reply ?

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This is an additional protection layer for spam prevention.

So if someone adds that many replies in a row to a topic (aka consecutively), they will be prevented from adding even more replies until someone else replies.

In other words, this is (generally) a bad pattern for discussions:

Reply #7 Martin words words words
Reply #8 Martin even more words
Reply #9 Martin yet more words

I can increase this limit but my question is why would anyone want to make 4 consecutive replies instead of editing the existing reply. If you guys want more I can increase, for relevant corner cases.

This means that if no one posts anything in a post for a duration of 14 days, that topic will be locked. Encouraging people to open a new topic instead of bumping an old inactive thread. Do you think 14 days is too low for a topic to be considered inactive?

Ever the heretic, I think these are both good ideas. And Sorin’s suggestion to edit your last reply is spot on.

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I don’t like either.

I’ve been on this forum for years and have contributed a lot of knowledge and also learnt a lot as well.

People always dig up old inactive threads that are relavant to their current question or problem. And people who previously comments on that thread would presumably be notified that there has been a new comment and therfore they are much more likely to respond and answer that person’s question.

If the OP starts a new thread for some thing that others have already discussed and been through, then I am far less likely to even see the Ops new thread.

Regarding the consecutive posts I do it all the time when asking questions or posting my findings. I might get so far into to setting something new up and get stuck at a point. I’ll then post.

However I may a bit later make some progress and then post those findings as well etc.

3 consecutive posts is far too little for me. Why stop someones information and findings being post into a thread. Least then all the information is there.

yes I guess you can edit a post, but it’s not what I would normally do, other than for typos or incorrect information that I may revise. I don’t know, I have been on technical forums for many years helping others and asking questions I’m not use to such restrictions and they certainly were not present on the old Vera forum.


I have increased to 5 consecutive replies. This should improve the private messaging case as well.

I know the level of commitment and contributions of many around here and I’m certainly grateful for that, alongside the other users which most likely considers it a gold mine, most of time.

There’s nothing wrong with ‘bumping’ old threads if it’s for a relevant and legitimate reply. But as history proves it, it’s for a silly comment that’s been repeated, in different wording, several times throughout the thread and rather than reading the past comments, people prefer to just ask once more. And this comes from a person which has about 4d read time since March. This will not only annoy the original posters but also opens a discussion which most likely isn’t relevant anymore.

I’m open to suggestion about this limit tho. Is 30 days or 60 days something better?

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Anything is better than 14 days if you don’t want to allow replies after a unlimited amount of time.

60 days then :grin:

Done :), global automatic lock is 60 days.


Although some boards I may have missed are still lower than this.

But at least we can also post more than 3 consecutive replies :smiley:

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yeeey :smiley: not that bad anyway.

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