New innovelli RED switches

Anyone using the innovelli RED switches?

Been waiting on the new dimmers for a while since they announced, but picked up a switch in the meantime to try out. Still a bit early for a verdict, but its really nice so far.

Looking forward to trying out the command class options (multitap), but I’m not holding my breath for vera to add this functionality…

I think they will go on sale in a week or so. My understanding is that they had some issues with firmware. They look kick ass though!

Already available on amazon and have it installed :slight_smile:

Did you get any of the scene controller (or other buttons) to work with vera?

That’s what I’m looking forward to the most! But given how long it’s taken with the homeseer switches, I’ll have to keep my expectations in check. I don’t expect the scene control functions to be added by vera anytime soon.

I only installed it last night (added as a generic switch) so I’ll play around with it and report back once it’s settled in.

So far, looks great though. It’s reporting wattage accurately and switch functions react quickly. I was also able to tune LED colors and other settings through parameters with no problems, so even without scene control, it’s already looking better than most other switch options out there.

sadly, it seems Vera are too greedy…

Posted byu/rpp124
10 months ago
Inovelli Switches w/ Scene Control and Vera


Can anyone tell me if the Inovelli switches with scene control work with Vera as far as activating different scenes with different number of button presses? I can only find old posts about it and the documentation on the inovelli site don’t say how to setup the scene control with Vera. Please let me know. I don’t want to spend the extra few bucks on scene control if it doesn’t work.


Vendor: Inovelli
10 months ago

Hey /u/rpp124,

Great question and it’s a yes and no answer :slight_smile:

Yes, in theory the switches should work with Vera since Vera now supports Z-Wave’s Central Scene Command.

However, we reached out to Vera to confirm and they said they want us to pay them to have our switches work with their platform, so unfortunately, our scene switches are not supported by them (they will work as normal smart switches, but the scene capability will not work).

We’re hoping they’ll reconsider as most other platforms are willing to work with us to get all the features up and running and we reached out to them again in September to no avail.

Wish I had better news :confused:


Founder | Inovelli

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Well that sucks on Vera part.


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Vera needs to get it’s “stuff” together and support move manufacturers.


I am looking at buying some more…You have a great zwave product…

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