New paired neo wallplugs not reliable

I’m using a VeraEdge as a Hub for Home Assistant.
It is working nice.
I do have about 10 old Neo Coolcam wallplugs added (V1). They operate very smooth and fast.
Today I paired 3 new neo coolcam wallplugs (V2 as far as I know). They where very hard to pair and not recognized as neo on/off plugs as the old ones. So they are connected as generic zwave devices.
So far so good.
But operating them is very slowly and not reliable.
Switching takes severall seconds and sometimes they don’t react at all.
Beside that if i did send a command to the new paired wallplugs, for a while the old ones also reacting slowly.

Is there something I can do to change this, make them more reliable/ faster reacting?
Pair them different or so?
Thanks in advance

EDIT: One plug is having a red warning saying: “Setting special association.”
What does that mean?

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