New plug-in (re-written from scratch) for OpenSprinkler, supporting zones, programs and more!

I just finished to rewrite my plug-in for OpenSprinkler:

There’s support for zones and programs (discovery and actions) and all it’s implemented using standard Vera Device Types (so mobile apps friendly).
Zones are mapped to dimmers, so you can specify how many minutes you want to water, while Programs are mapped as water valve.

You can disable the controller using the master device, and the status are always in sync (default: 10 seconds).

More info here:

Any feedback is appreciated.


That is fantastic. Will it be available on the Vera App store?
Thank You

Successfully installed the new app thanks! The app does reflect the states properly from my open sprinkler hub, but I am not able to control my zones. Every time I try to turn a zone on I get 'stop all stations" error. I am able to disable and enable the system, but everything else doesn’t work. I have rebooted both the vera and open sprinkler.

oh lord … life saver

firmware version 2.1.8(3)

  1. OpenSprinkler : Unable to send command to controller
  2. an option to sync room to parent would be nice
  3. cant control valves but master enable/disable works (still throws error but it works)
  4. Cannot disable program - please stop all stations
  5. Yes i have a rain sensor
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Really excited to see this. Unfortunately I have had no success getting my OpenSprinkler installed and functional. Are there other pre-requisites, like there was with the old version (Json parser, old app store version installed prior to these files, etc?)

Thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide.



Programs cannot be stopped at the moment. You can run them, but in order to disable a program, you have to stop its stations. I will try to implement this feature in a next version, so it’s a known issue at the moment.

Can you please enable verbose logging and share what is sent when enabling a station and having an error? Thanks.

UI7 should be enough. Dkjson is the only lib required.

Yes. I just want to beta test it for a couple of weeks, to be sure it’s stable enough. Then I’ll publish in the store.

I’m sorry, there was a small error when switching zones and programs (I inverted them in the latest iteration before pushing to GitHub). Hotfix is now online, just download the .lua file and you should be good to go. Programs and zones are working again now.

I’m trying to have a more elegant solution for programs. I will probably stop all stations defined in the program in one of the next versions. I’m just trying to get the basics covered, stabilize the engine and then I will start adding missing feature (rain delay as a sensor, master zones, and so on).

Please post your ideas/need here, so I can add them to the backlog.

can you elaborate? you want to move the children devices in the same room of the parent upon creation?

on install of the plugin by default is creates the zones in room 0 (No room) i tould be nice to have the zones in the same “room” as the parent

Opensprinkler[720] : Startup Lua Failed

after update


OpenSprinkler : Unable to send command to controller

what version of open-sprinkler are u using

Ok, I will try to implement in the next version.

The same version you’re using (2.8).

Can you please go to the master device and set “DebugMode” to 1, under variables, then share the results?

I have just published version 0.92 on GitHub. It supports stopping for programs, and other fixes (ie: I was searching for the wrong ID when trying to get program status). Try with this new version and please enable debug mode. Thanks!

will pm you log

first limited tests show that the plugin is now working with the updated files. I am able to enable disable the system control each zone. Have yet to test if i am able to disable enable my programs, will update later today. It would be nice to have similar device pictures of a sprinkler like the old plugin!

In theory you should get a water valve, but I will definitely check it again. I have modded device files, so I have to fetch the original ones and see if that works. Thanks for your testing!

merci pour se programme je vais l installer toute suite merci je vous tient au courant a+

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unfortunately, I must be doing something wrong. I have uploaded S_OpenSprlnkler1.xml, I_OpenSprlnkler1.xml, D_OpenSprlnkler1.xml, and L_OpenSprlnkler1.ual in the develop apps section. I then went to create device, inputing settings shown on attached screenshot. A not close to remotely functional device gets created, but appears to have wrong any missing settings. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

As device type, please insert

and as device_json

and then reload luup.

I will update guidance on GitHub with this instruction.