New Status Page

We believe that transparency goes a long way in helping us build trust with our customers and community. Thus it’s always important to keep you in the loop by offering you a timely, accurate and transparent communication channel, which would then facilitate prompt sharing of our services’ status, related issues and resolutions. That’s why we’ve reworked on our current status page to bring in some cool enhancements to it.Let’s see what’s new in our revamped status page:

  • Push notifications to the phones that are subscribed to the statuspage
  • nice graphs on some of the services that we monitor

What will follow:

  • Distributed monitoring (EU servers don’t need to be monitored from US, as they are for EU users)
  • Push notifications only to users that might be affected

To test it out you need to go to , subscribe (with the same email that you use for - so you will also have push notifications) and confirm the subscription afterwards.Being a public demo, any feedback about features or issues you may discover is welcome.Thanks !

:slight_smile: Alex Negulescu
:hammer_and_wrench: DevOps Team Leader


Very wise and I fully agree!


On the web sites. Maybe change the old forum link to this new community, and add the wiki site?

Cheers Rene

Thanks for the feedback, we are doing the changes - a few of the names slipped, even though the graphs point to the right domains :slight_smile:

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