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Welcome to Vera

Congratulations on your selection of Vera or Ezlo for home automation and control.The goal of this tutorial is to cover the first steps for new users. After performing the first-time setup, you will learn how to add new devices, automate them using Scenes and House Modes, and control them remotely.

First-time setup

Web Setup

First, using a computer browser visit and click on " I have a new controller to set up " , then follow the on-screen wizard to create an account and attach it to your Vera.

Mobile App Setup

Vera Mobile app comes in Android and iOS flavors. Download the version you need.
More details about Vera Mobile apps can be found here.

  1. Download Vera Mobile app.
  2. Press on “New to Vera?” button to pair the controller.

User Interface

We’ve introduced the new Dashboard. The updated dashboard enables you to fully control, manage, and adjust your whole smart home system. It also brings a new look and features, including customization options and a more compact layout.

How to pair Z-Wave Devices

How does Z-Wave work?

Each device must first be added to your Vera System in order for it to be recognized and controlled. This process is called adding devices . When you add a device, you are establishing a communications link between the device and your Vera controller.

How to Add Zigbee Devices

How does Zigbee work?

*Available only for the supported Vera/Ezlo Controllers ( VeraPlus, VeraSecure )

Resetting Zwave or Zigbee Devices

This procedure is helpful in the following situations:

  • You are migrating from another smart home controller.
  • A brand new device out of the box does not seem to pair: configuration errors sometimes occur during the inclusion or pairing process.
  • You want to remove an existing device from your controller: either because it is simply defective or because you are upgrading.
  • The device has some communication errors: if a device does not seem to communicate well or has some configuration errors, a re-inclusion may solve the issue

Scenes and automations

The Scene Wizard enables you to harness what might be the most powerful aspect of your Vera system: creating custom Scenes (also called scripts) that define what will happen when a specified Trigger event occurs.

Introducing Ezlo VOI™

Ezlo VOI enables you to control any device connected to a voice assistants like Alexa and Google to do stuff for you.

You can control your TV, your music, literally everything from Ezlo!

*Available only for the supported Ezlo Controllers ( VeraEdge with Alpha Ezlo Firmware, Ezlo Atom, Ezlo PlugHub )

How to migrate from other controllers?

A few notes:

If you have Z-Wave devices you can pick any controller of our existing Vera and Ezlo controllers. (Tip: Keep an eye on our website for specific migration offers too). For Zigbee, you can choose any of the Zigbee capable controllers, like VeraPlus or VeraSecure.

For your Wi-Fi devices, please check out our MiOS App Store the existing integrations created for you by our community. If your favorite Wi-Fi device is not on the list, please check with our Community to see if there is anything else available.

  1. Make sure you exclude or reset your Z-Wave or Zigbee first, if they have been paired with another controller. Rest assured, this can be done from Vera controllers as well. Check out this tutorial.

  2. Pair your devices with Vera or Ezlo controllers.

  3. Re-create your automations and enjoy the new features like Siri Shortcuts or Ezlo VOI.

Find out which devices work with Vera

Vera and Ezlo Smart Home Controllers are compatible with thousands of devices from many brands.

All devices on this page have been fully tested by our expert staff and are approved for use with Vera controllers. Other devices may still be used, but their compatibility cannot be guaranteed.

Getting help and contacting Customer Care

Sometimes you need a little help with your controller and when you do our Customer Care Team is ready to help.

Beta enrollments

Are you a developer ?

We want to make our API as open and as sophisticated as possible. Our vision is to give our community access to our internal capabilities and work with them closely to improve these capabilities.

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