New to Vera Plus. Triggering away scene remotely

I’m migrating from an older Insteon isy to Vera plus. I’d like to know how to trigger an away scene from my phone if i’m out an forget to set it before i leave. My plan is to use one switch on a Vizia RF + 4-Button Remote Zone Controller, VRCZ4-M0Z to trigger an away scene for some lights before i leave the house. In the event that i forget to do that, i want to activate the same away scene from the phone app remotely.
Thanks for any help.

This should be as simple as going to the scene list in the mobile app and running that scene.

Thanks. Figure it should be easy. When i add my devices and create a scene, i’ll try that and see. That sounds too easy compared to what i had to go through before with Insteon. So far adding devices has been quite easy. The Vizia scene controller may need some coaxing to add devices and scenes to each button, but i’ll find out soon enough.

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