New to VERA & Struggling

I am new to VERA & feeling very frustrated already…

Basically using VERA Edge to integrate NESS M1 with a Smart Switch. I access VERA Smarter Home via Google Chrome or the app on my Phone.

Issue 1
We always have a “Ness M1 : Lua error” which I can’t find out how to fix.

Issue 2
We have a number if PIR’s throughout the home, however we are getting Notifications up to our daily limit every day despite being in HOME mode & the PIR’s supposedly Disarmed & Person Notified turned Off.

Issue 3
We have a very simple scene from a momentary push, to turn on the Smart Switcg for 15 minutes, however it no longer turns off but did work when I first programmed it.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I had never heard of Ness M1 so I googled it. It has a lot of capabilities. Does Vera support it? Just curious, what protocol are you using?

For issue 2, i never liked how vera handles alerts so I use the Prowl iOS app which vera can push to. I really like how notifications work now and monitor maybe 50 z-wave door/window sensors with it.

For issue 3, the new forum GUI wont let me scroll up so I can’t tell what it is.


For issue 3, try re-making your scene to figure out what went wrong.

for 3 – try reactor plugin instead of the scene

check the notifications on the actual PIR or u can install Vera alerts to see what notifications are being pushed

There is a Ness M1 Plugin which then imports all the Ness Zones, Lights, PIR’s etc .

The VERA Alerts are coming to our phones & inboxes so it seems to be native to Vera even though we have them all disarmed in HOME mode.

Noticed also that GeoFencing doesn’t seem to be changing the Mode from Home to Away.

Thanks for your help.


I have deleted my scenes & reprogrammed the scene - so far it seems to be working.


I can see on the phone & email which PIR’s are being triggered, but in HOME mode they are all set as Disarmed & no notifications so I don’t know why VERA is sending them to our phones & emails.


Hey Hally,

If you’re still having outstanding issues with your Vera unit, don’t hesitate to involve our Customer Care team as well.

Thanks Sorin - that has proved most helpful.

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