New Vera Plus Goes into "Offline" when attempting to access the Apps



My new vera plus (upgrading from lite) goes into offline mode and hangs for about 3 minutes whenever i try to access the apps list to install something.

I am on a wired connection, I can ping the device during the “offline” period and I am running 1.7.4453

Is this a bug, ive reset to factory settings, checked for updated firmware and rebooted but the behaviour remains.

I updated the device after problems with my lite, however the vera team logged in and fixed the lite but I thought id keep to the new device.



See this post

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Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure the explanation on that thread covers my problem or at least explains my issue. If I run both my Vera lite and Vera plus - the lite always connects to the apps and quickly at the same time the plus does not and crashes the unit for 3-4 minutes (it appears as offline in the dashboard url.

If it was my network, internet or firewall or Indeed mios servers both units would have the same problem?



they should… unless for some reason one unit is being blocked and not the others or they could be using different DNSs. Are both your veras using DHCP? Does your plus have the correct gateway? It sounds like your vera is somehow not reaching the internet. Do you see the weather logo on the top right?


Both units on same network and dns, actually the new one may be using the DHCP, I set my original to static. Should work either way but I could try it.

During the crash… I see the weather logo and time ticking but any real updates won’t work so no Zwave commands no ip camera update etc.


It’s probably worth a try. And I’d check the DNS settings are the same in that case as well.



I am having similar issues every so often since latest FW upgrade. The vera will hang when clicking on Apps. It is NOT a DNS or DHCP issue in my case. If I ssh in to the vera and restart the lighthttp process, the problem immediately resolves and it works until at some point hangs again later. It may be somewhat related to app server performance, however the system recovers within a couple of seconds as soon as I restart the process.


Now half of my devices have simply disappeared after adding them yesterday, coincided with adding some sockets.



I’m also seeing a performance issue with bring up a install menu option. This is on a hardwired veraplus, using dhcp.