New Whole House Water Flow Sensor and Valve

This new product is just what I am looking for for myself and my customers.
Any idea on how to integrate this product with Vera?

I think it would be easier to integrate the Fortrezz product, now that they are owned by the same company as Vera…

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[quote=“wilme2, post:2, topic:206855”]I think it would be easier to integrate the Fortrezz product, now that they are owned by the same company as Vera…[/quote]

Maybe but we like the additional features of the Flo system has over the Fortrezz model.
Also being a Wifi product, it has more range and can be used with a mobile device as a backup if the Z-Wave controller is down than a Z-Wave valve. If the unit has to be installed away from the WIFI source, a WAP can easily be installed at the valves location. This is very hard to do with Z-Wave.
I am thinking it can be integrated like the Nest protect thermostats are currently.

For $500 the flo is pricey but it?s pretty powerful. I like it closes the valve and does a pressure leak down test every day.

Hi Jamr, thanks for your interest. I will check compatibility with this device and sent you an answer to your email. Have a nice day.

I agree but when you do not have to buy water sensors at 30$-40$ each and place them all over the house and worry about batter replacement, I think the cost is competitive.
I also agree and think the pressure leak test is very important.

Please post your findings here as I am sure other people would like to know also. Is that not the reason for this forum?

This is what I envisioned when I purchased the Fortrezz shut-off valve and Fortrezz flow meter. These retailed for around $650 while the all in one valve and flow meter by Moen discussed here retails for $500. Unfortunately, the Fortrezz flow meter hasn’t been as functional as I though it might be on Vera, though the limited plugin that Fortrezz paid for, gives me hope that it could be. I have made my system functional by adding flood sensors that signal the shut-off valve to close when leaks are detected. I probably could use PLEG or Reactor to program the flow meter to close the valve when too long a flow is detected, but really haven’t needed to yet. And I do have considerable inertia to learning how to use PLEG or Reactor, though I am thinking more about the latter. The system has told me that my pond fill line isn’t totally closed down when I think it is. It would definitely be nice if Fortrezz developed a more robust flow meter plug-in or the flow meter was natively integrated in the next firmware update for Vera.

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For some time, I noticed a decrease in flow and water pressure at home.
I’m not sure of the distinction between flow and pressure but for me the flow is the amount of water that comes out of the tap in a given time and pressure is the force with which it comes out. Is it correct?

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