Newbie. Creating an starting an away scene

I have a bit of experience with insteon, but Vera is different. I want to create a scene which will turn lights on before sunset and off at a certain time later in the evening. The scene will be activated from a scene controller button, or from my phone app when not at home. I created scenes for 2 lights to come on before sunset and off later in the evening. 4 scenes in total for the 2 lights. How do you group these and add them as a group to be activated by the push of one scene controller button, or activate from my phone app?
Thanks for your help.

I might have been a bit hasty, but i think i found the answer. Just have these 4 scenes activate when i switch to away mode. That is too easy compared to what i’ve been used to. The only thing that i miss is the random action for shutting the lights off, which will randomly change the off time. This makes it look more likely someone may be home with the lights going off at different times every night.

Take a look at the Deus Ex Machina plug-in in the App store. This may do what you want.

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Hi, i would also rcommend Reactor plugin. It has better logic than the native vera, and is more robust, as vera scenes can fail due to luup reloads.

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Thanks for the ideas. I’ll look into these apps. I didn’t realize until now there was the option of installing apps, which make this even more flexible.

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