Newbie need advice or review I AM REALLY LOST!

Hi all here,
please, can you tell me if I buy Vera plus, do I have to pay some more money for the licence or something like this (for example PRO licence which means that I am not limited with number of devices). I´m hardly thinking about move from Zipato to Vera, because my ZIPABOX is broken and cannot be repaired because it is more than 2 years when I bought it. Unfornately, Zipato technical support send me e-mail that the licence which I paid is connected to the ZIPABOX and not to user so if I buy new one I will have to pay the licence again and it is really expensive!


I have one more big issue and it is how to control the window shutter with somfy motors Oximo RTS 433mhz (I am from Europe!). Is here anyone who is using transceiver RFXtrx433XL USB 433,92 MHz with these somfy motors???
What about vera dashboard is it userfriendly? How satisfied are you who use it? Does it have an android app either? And is is difficult to manage Z-wave devices?
Is here someone who moved from Zipato to Vera and can tell me if it is better?
Thank you in advance!

@Eva_Liskova there i s no licence fee for Vera. When you purchase you setup controller and add devices. There is a max number of devices you can have on the unit (i can’t remember how many but it is a lot). As to the somfy issue I cannot address this as I do not have any installed. The UI interface on the computer is just ok. Once you get used to it it is not bad to use kind of old and outdated looking but functional. There is an Android app for remote access and control. It is also rumored by Vera that UI8 may be in the works which should give it a new modern feel and look. So between the eLZO taking over and working on the firmware issues and a possible UI8 coming I am optimistic for the furute and usability. Not sure if that helps, good luck with what direction you choose!

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Thank you very much! @sky320!!!

Hi, I do use RFXtrx for my somfy sunshade outside. This works fine. The Somfy is RTS, not sure if that is different from your setup. I also use the RFXtrx for my blinds inside but those are using different motors. The only remark I have on this is that it might be hard to position your blinds at a specific height (different from the default top and bottom state). If you need that you probably need a different solution.

@ranneman thank you very much! It is very usefull for me. So the fact is that if I will go this way I cannot set any different values except top and botton. Did I understand correct?

It is possible to position the blinds at a different position by running a scene that stops the movement after say 2 seconds. However if you have 3 blinds next to each other it will be difficult to get them alligned. I didn’t check the RFXtrx plugin on having an option to set it to a “favorite” position which the Somfy has. The Vera plug-in for this doesn’t show this. The plug-in does show a slider but that doesn’t do what you expect it to do.
Maybe check with Tinman on this as he supports the plug-in.

Ok, I do not have two or more next to each other, so maybe it will work. I hope! But thank you anyway for you advice. I will do a little bit more investigation about it.

@ranneman is this what I need to order?

I am from EUROPE…

@Eva_Liskova In the time i bought it, it was the RFXTRX433E. I assume this is now RFXTRX433XL (as that is the only model they sell). As the specification shows Somfy RTS it should be okay.
According to the manual the RFXtrx433XL is okay.