Newbie Q: ERB25 roller blind motor control?

Hello experts.

I ma investigating purchasing a set of roller blind motors from a Chinese outfit. The device is referred to as ERB25-1.5/30 (It’s for a 25mm diameter tube, provides 1.5Nm torque at 30 rpm). It has a rechargeable battery and a receiver (I presume an RF).

It’s not clear whether this device can be controlled through a Vera (I have an old VeraLite that does the job for me just fine, so I haven’t bothered upgrading).

Do any of the experts have some tips to guide me?



This device operates in the 433.92 Mhz band. So at the very least you’d have to have the RFXtrx transceiver from RFXCOM since the Vera hubs do not handle the various protocols in this band (The Vera Secure hub includes a VeraLink proprietary protocol that operates in this band but as it is proprietary I can’t see how it would work with this device). That said, even with the RFXtrx transceiver you couldn’t be sure you could control this device. It is not listed in the RFXtrx user guide.

Many thanks for your prompt response. I am trying to get the specific bytes used by this manufacturer (hopefully they will provide that info). Assuming I get that info, I guess I still need to add something to Vera to be an RF transmitter?

The blind motors are relatively inexpensive (quoting around $45 per + $10 for a 16-channel transmitter).Of course, this is a Chinese company, so I probably will get a few motors that don’t work!

Shame if I can’t somehow leverage that! I will be able to control the blinds locally of course, but control away from home would be nice.

I can’t imagine what kind of response you might get from the manufacturer. I’d be surprised they give you specific details about their design. They would have to tell you what kind of encoding they’re using or perhaps what components they’re using to do the encoding.
As I said in my previous post you would have to purchase an RFXtrx433e or RFXtrx433XL. This device encodes/transmits and receives/decodes messages in the 433.92 Mhz band. It communicates these through a USB connection to the Vera hub.

Thanks! I will look into getting n RFXtrx433e or XL.


Glad to help - but keep in mind that even having the RFXtrx transceiver, you still may not be able to control these blind motors. I couldn’t find a user manual for this roller blind device online. I wanted to find out how the remote is paired with the motor. You may limit your risk a bit if you just buy the remote and the RFXtrx. That way you may be able to determine if the RFXtrx can decode signals from the remote.

Good idea to buy just the transmitter, along with the RFXtrx. The folks I was chatting with at the manufacturer seemed to indicate that they would be able to provide data packet details to me, but I guess I will wait and see,


There’s also that has a Vera Plugin. Here’s a post from the forums where a user was able to control 433MHz Dooya blind motors. Perhaps some prior art for your project - Pete used an inexpensive 433MHz transceiver. The MySensors team is very responsive and helpful if you want to exercise your DIY.

Thanks! Definitely keep in mind. I’m a typical lazy engineer - reuse wherever possible!