Nexia Trane 950/824 control

So, control4 released an app for this. while rummaging around trying to decode some of the API, I found that our friends at smart things have figured it out…

check out:

specifically, the code for ST things updated is here:

Kudos and thanks to nathan curtis…

so the question is (I am not new to coding but still learning how things work in vera) can anyone run with the code to create a bridge/control app through the api for our Veras???

It appears the hardest part has already been done…

I sure hope a coder is looking at this. It would be a great app!!

All the code is here, just need someone to convert to vera plugin!!!

Has anyone had success with integrating this tsat with vera? I’ve been using Honeywell TH8320ZW tsats for a few years with Vera and have been pleased with the results. In another house, I have a Trane variable speed furnace with dehumidification and a separate humidifier. So, the Honeywell unit will not work. The newest version of the Trane tsat is XL1050 which has a ton of features that I would love to take advantage of.

No. In fact there is a nexia skill integration with Alexa which has resulted in any development being not a priority for at least my purposes.