"No internet connection" on Android app

I’ve had Vera Secure up and running for 3.5 years and it mostly works as required. From my laptop I’ve had zero issues. However, on my Android phone the app had been glitchy and erratic at best and at times frustrating. In fact up until a few months ago I was using Imperihome along side the Vera app and used it almost exclusively for access to Vera. But for the last 3-4 months the Vera app has worked well until a week ago. Now when I open the app I get a red bar highlighting a “no internet access” notice. I can still sign in and out of the app but no other action is possible. As I’m writing this I decided to install the app on my wife’s phone. After sign in, I got the red “no internet connection” for one second then it connected. I tried my phone again and it is now working! What gives?

Hate to be the one to say it, but this is old news. The VeraMobile™ app has had this “feature” (?) for several iterations now, and the dev team both knows about it and is working on the issue.

Should not affect day-to-day operation of the app, thankfully.

I spent 30 minutes searching here to see how common it was and came up empty. Unfortunately it does affect the day to day operation of the app because it is not functional, period. Support told me to do the usual, empty cache, reinstall, no joy. Then directed me to the beta download.

One of my most recent reports on the issue is posted here. That was over two weeks ago. Guess we’re all in this together, eh? :wink:

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Well, not necessarily. A system that goes down for a week or two is no good to anyone. I’m looking at other options and if these glitches continue, I’ll have to make the move. I simply don’t have time to constantly be trouble shooting or worrying whether or not a door is locked or unlocked.


This is why I’m taking my locks off Vera. I can’t accurately tell some days. Wish they’d fix the app.


I’ve also seen the fact that people don’t really use the latest app, so I had to do the same.
My advice: use mirror apk, disable auto-update and there you go. No more surprises :slight_smile:

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