No way to use Atom with Vera?

Correct me if I understand this wrong- if I buy one of these Atom things, and install it in my home where I have Vera Plus running, there no way interconnect the two, in a way make Atom will run Vera scenes, use Vera plugins, and run the Lua code?..

In other words, at present the Atom will not extend my Vera, and my Vera will not be able to use any of the capabilities of Atom- right out of the box, that is?

Thank you in advance for your explanations!



That’s correct. People were told, as an example, unpair a few switches from your VP so they could be paired to the Atom. That’s my understanding.

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You are correct. I have an Atom sitting in a drawer from the beta test. I device can either be paired with the Vera Plus or the Atom, but not both. If you have a Vera Plus you won’t find any use for the Atom. I didn’t spend much time playing with the Atom as the Atom wasn’t compatible with Google Home and having an Atom linked to the account would cause Google Home to no longer work on my Vera Plus. I put it in the drawer at that point as the Atom seemed to serve no purpose that I could see. I would have assumed that would have been fixed by now, except that yesterday an announcement was made saying Atom now works with Alexa. Since Vera had Alexa long before it had Google, and since I haven’t heard anything announced about Google, I’d assume that still doesn’t work.

The Atom really isn’t a hub, think of it more as a bridge between a z-wave (and possibily Zigbee - I don’t remember for sure if it had that or not) mesh and a wifi connection to connect to the internet. Nothing runs on the Atom, it’s all cloud based. It has much more in common with simple, cheap wifi plugs, etc. connected via a company’s cloud based app than it does to your Vera Plus. Honestly except for the longer battery life for things like locks and door sensors, the Atom offers no advantages over say TP-Link’s Kasa line, or something similar. With either that line or the Atom you’re setting up very basic scenes through an app and relying on their servers (and you’re internet connection being up and working) for anything to happen.


Wow! Thank you so much for your responses.

What about the other device- the PlugHub, I think it is called- is that capable of interoperating with existing Vera Plus installation right away?

The PlugHub is just a single outlet z-wave plug with an Atom built in. It would work with the Vera Plus, but just like any other z-wave plug would. You won’t gain anything going with the PlugHub verses any of the many other options. I’m not sure what brands you’ve used and liked; but there are several I’ve used and been quite happy with that were less than the $40 the PlugHub costs. You can find some nice two outlet plugs on Amazon for about $30. If you prefer Zigbee devices you can get those for less than $20. (Your Plus will work with Zigbee, but I double checked and the Atom is z-wave only).

Hello AndrewG,

Thank you for reaching out to us.
We are working on to have support for using multiple hubs together.


Welcome to the forums @MCakan. Just curious if I’m reading the tea leaves correctly - is Ezlo-Cast a piece of this puzzle?

Support of Ezlo-Cast.
All the nodes in the z-wave network receive the payload of Ezlo-Cast message at the same time. Ezlo-Cast frames are transmitted to a number of nodes ranging from 1 to 232 nodes at the same time. The frame may carry more then one destination address. It is making control of devices easy and fast. The same payload can be delivered to selected nodes only.

Thank you @blacey for the warm welcome.For your question about Ezlo-Cast: No, I can say that they are not related to each other.

Thanks for the clarification. Sounds like Ezlo-cast is an Ezlo branding of “broadcast/multicast” for zwave. I incorrectly inferred that the branding meant proprietary extensions that may be used for other purposes. It is nice to see investments and progress in core zwave fabric optimization and stability.

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