Hi, guys!

Anybody in here who’s familiar with this MIOS-node for node-RED?

I have installed it, and I get all the events from my Vera-unit, but I’m not able to filter the events.

My goal is to send data from my Vera-unit, via Node-Red and InfluxDB, to Grafana.


If you use the ALtUI plugin on Vera to give you a decent UI (and why would you not?) then you can send selected data directly to InfluxDB, which in turn can be accessed directly by Grafana. No need for node-RED at all, unless you have some other requirements.

Edit: Actually, at a pinch, you wouldn’t have to use AltUI at all. It’s just that it gives you an easy way to select which variables you want to archive.

Ok, so now I have installed AltUI, but I can’t find a way to push data to InfluxDB. Could you please point me in the right direction?

Take a look at this thread:,50781.msg330103.html#msg330103

I started this thread a while back which can be the focus for Vera/Node Red integrations.

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