Notification gone berserk!

Since midday yesterday, the notification system has developed a mind of its own. It started sending me text messages in addition to Apple push notifications. When I checked my account setting, the text message checkbox was checked, which I did not do. I reset it and everything was fine.

About 25 minutes ago, the system started sending the same notification, over and over. Actual notifications are delayed, sometime by many minutes.

Anybody else seeing odd notification behavior? I’m USA west coast.

Very definitely, yes, although I attributed the issue to my beta testing of the Ezlo Plus, and had not considered it a system-wide problem.

Then again, yesterday I experienced a short period (later evening, Central Trime Zone) during which Vera would not respond to any requests, and the app would not fully log in.

To answer your question more directly, the delayed/multiple notifications I received arrived in my email in-box a full 12-14 hours after the sending Scene was activated. And it appears instead of one copy, I got three. (The messages themselves are so generic that I cannot tell if multiple instances of the Scene ran, or duplication of a single notice occurred.)


Seems to have cleared itself up. Notifications have been normal since early evening yesterday.

I’m asking around and will keep you posted.

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