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It seems I can only Notify one user in reactor? I am logged in as me and can add myself as a native Vera user, but there’s another native Vera user with basic permissions and her name doesn’t show up as an option to notify as a Vera native user. I can notify her in regular scenes, so there’s not something wrong in Vera, but reactor can not find any other users to notify. What am I missing?

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Do you have notifications enabled for that other user?

Yes, In fact I can notify the other user in standard Vera scenes. Only the reactor item shows just one user

Get completely out of the ReactorSensor’s UI and do a hard-refresh on your browser. It sounds like user data on the Vera is out of sync with what UI7 is caching and giving to the Reactor UI.

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I’ve tried fresh browsers on other PCs I have in the house… still does not work. Only the primary user shows up as a native-vera user. Even if I login with the secondary user account with, only the primary user shows up.

i am 100% positive that notifications are on for the secondary user, as I have regular Vera scenes that trigger and send notifications to both users. I also just made a brand new Vera scene and turned on notification for both users… further proving that the issue is with Reactor only.

I don’t know why this fixed it…

I started using reactor with 2 users. Only 1 showed up in reactor, yet both showed up in vera scenes as users that could be notified.
I tried multiple browsers, even on PCs that had never accessed this controller… still only showed one user.
I went into vera and made a third user.
Now, magically, ALL THREE users show up in reactor.
There seems to be some bug in how reactor reads the available users, and adding a new user causes something to be updated and re-read.

Reactor gets the list of users from userdata as given by the UI7 JavaScript API object (via the api.getUserData()) call. It does not filter the list of users in any way. This is the only published, documented way (and therefore in my view, the only supported by Vera and supportable by me way) to get the list of users.

The UI has different ways of getting at the list of users. There are unpublished modules and functions in UI7. I will not use these. We dance with the devil we are given. At least, until Vera EOL’s this firmware. At that point, all bets are off (since I will then know that those modules and functions will live through the ultimate demise of the firmware), but until then, we are limited to the tools, and the accuracy of those tools, that Vera has given us.

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…in the pale moon light?


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Well, I guess I am living proof that there can be mismatches between the list of vera users and the list that reactor sees. In the future,if anyone runs into this, it seems that adding a dummy user causes the list to be refreshed and may be required. There’s nothing really special about my setup, it’s fairly straight forward and there were only 2 users to begin with…nothing that would push an array limitation.

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