NuTone NGD00Z replacement options


I had a NuTone NGD00Z z-wave garage door controller that failed on me some time ago. It suffered an unexpected power loss and from there it never would pair again. At the time, support was aware of the issue with power failures but couldn’t send a replacement as it was over a year old. I think NuTone sold this off and a similar looking device is available by GoControl

Old and new links for reference.

Does anyone likes the new GoControl opener, or is there a more inexpensive recommendation? I’ve already bought 2 NuTone openers over the course of a few years and just can’t be sure all the bugs have been worked out of this product based on my experiences.



I really liked the gocontrol opener when we had it, but it has a serious flaw in that it has a high failure rate.

Luckily, someone found and documented a fix here (around post #65):

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Thank you!



Was posting in a rush on the go. I realized what i wrote could be confusing.

What I should have said is - it sounds like what you’re describing on the NGD00Z is a different issue and the fix linked probably doesn’t apply.

If you do go with a GDZ004, you may want to apply the fix proactively to prevent any problems.

I intend to pick up another one cuz it worked well and it seems the repair is pretty reliable. Just annoying that this situation exists