OC821 compatibility? (IRIS In/Outdoor Camera)

I just set up my VeraPlus and managed to get everything working for the most part. My one big hurdle right now is the camera. I have the IRIS OC821 Indoor/Outdoor Camera (OC821 Manual). It was never set up on my original system & is not being recognized by my VeraPlus. Has anyone had any luck getting one to work?

Also, why are my door sensors only showing 10% battery life when they are brand new? Even swapped them around with the motion sensor battery which shows 100%.

Thank you for any help with this!

Which firmware are you running? That will help us help you. This may also help: https://www.ispyconnect.com/man.aspx?n=Iris . You’ll need to figure what format or formats the camera supports.

Battery devices may take a while for the battery level report to stabilize. This is a function of the sensor and how it’s configured. Check the manual for your door sensors—it should tell you how to wake the device up. Most sensors will send a battery report on wake-up.

Application Version: 1.7.4150