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It’s off topic, but wondered if anyone had some good recommendations for a good home network wireless gigabit router.

I have a Virgin cable modem and router (Superhub) but from a Wifi perspective it looses speed withon only a few meters. The user interface and functionality of the firmware is terrible.

I have an older house with solid brick internal walls.

What do people recommend to give solid performance on Wifi as well as good firmware functionality.

Apparently I can switch the Virgin router into Modem mode and plug a router into it.

I just recieved a TP link Archer VR900 AC1900, ?123 on Amazon.

You just need the Virgin login details and it will work without needing your old hub as a modem.

I find it fantastic. I wasn’t able to connect my Echo with 5ghz in my livingroom with the BT homehub, and suffered awful dropouts and poor reception, same reasons, one of my internal walls is an old external wall, 2 feet thick stone lol

I now speed test at 30Mb at the furthest extents of the house.

really really happy!

Thanks Chris

I was on BT, but got fed up with poor service and is why I just moved to Virgin, but the router they provided is terrible.,

There’s so many routers out there its difficult to choose. I’ll check out the one you recommend.

Be great to not use the Virgin hub. Where did you find the login in details?

Netgear R7000 (nighthawk) loaded with DD-WRT

TP-Link AC3150. Really improved things for me. Very stable.

Ditch the wifi on the router entirely and go with a mesh setup. Ubiquiti has a good SMB enterprise setup called Unifi, or a home/consumer version called Amplifi.

I’m sure there’s others, but that’s the one I’m familiar with.

I use Open Mesh (MR 1750) and love the ability to administer it remotely. Wireless AC and runs on POE. I can’t say I’ve ever reset it since I put it into service about 12 months ago. They now offer managed switches which I’ve been wanting to implement (e.g. 48 port).

a worthwhile watch on mesh routers which are all the rage these days…

Currently using an ASUS rt-ac3100 with absolutely no issues at all. Amazing coverage, and I have uptimes of about 80 days. Have had the router for more than 2 year. Using the r-Merlin custom firmware on it makes the router very stable. I have a 1Gpbs up/down and on my iPhone 11 Pro I get ~650mbps next to the router and as I move farther away with wood walls in between still able to get 400-500mbps. Works really well with USB HDD as well for backups, movies etc.

pf sense with asus aimesh nodes

I recently switched to Ubiquiti Unifi and it is working pretty well. Very powerful.

Not sure what you mean. I hope you are talking about the APs which besides the gen3 (HD, SHD, XG, nano) are radically underpowered for their class. As for routers… The USG and USG pro are also massively overpriced and underpowered and unifi doesn’t have any decent/competitive offering. pfsense on any low powered hardware is a much more capable router.

I would disagree for the price you pay for a Nano or pro you get unparalleled performance. Can’t speak about their routers but have heard of them working well in small to medium commercial settings.

For the nano, true, it is a gen3. For the pro, I posted tests results on the ubnt forum extensively. I thought I was getting an upgrade when in 2016 I installed a set to replace my then obsolete Apple APs to find out my bandwidth was cut by nearly 50%. It is the poorest performing 3x3 unit available on the market. As a matter of fact, most lower end 2x2 units would outperform it. Most wifi effective bandwidth efficiency (actual real life bandwidth vs chipset rating) run ~60-75%. The pro is the only one running below 40%. Looking under the hood, the chipset in it has been obsoleted by D-link 6 months after its release back in 2013 on their lowest end product. It performs like a circa 2013 $20 router and here it is sold only as an AP so don’t just believe the marketing. There is a lot of fanboyism there but I never got any answer contradicting my data. I then became an early adopter and early testers of the gen3 APs and still run a full set of them often testing private firmware releases.

Well I haven’t gone that deep into testing but runs pretty well for me, better than any consumer product imo. The pro is outdated though, Nano just doesn’t have the same range as the pro which is unfortunate

Well I have gone that deep as I said and the pro actually runs 50% the throughput of almost anything 1/2 the price called consumer grade. The range of the nano is also marketing. You can tune the range with the TX power. It is just that its 2.4GHz radio is set as 2x2 Vs. 3x3 for the pro. But the 2x2 performs much better (at a regular 70% efficiency) than the 3x3 on the pro so ubnt markets it as lower range because of the lower theoretical 2x2 capability. The nano is what the pro should have been 5 years earlier. The pro if you compare to a consumer equivalents performs either like a 3x3 802.11n class or a low end 2x2 802.11ac class. The reason is, these gen2 APs use a cpu created for n class routers on which ac radios were transplanted. It went almost unnoticed with a 2x2 (lite), just seemingly performing little below average but with a 3x3 it became a rock bottom performer.

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