Ooh the Zigbee

Ooh the Zigbee

When can we expect to see support on the Ezlo platform for Philips Hue Zigbee bulbs and devices?

Also support for the popular and cheap Chinese Zigbee HA devices such as Xiaomi?


When you have your new platform published and released may I suggest you send our comic friend here in the UK, Paul Hibbert a demo Elzo unit and some EU Z-Wave devices to play with?

He tells it how it is good or bad if you sponsored that episode or not.

I know he doesn’t use Z-Wave or Zigbee devices in the main preferring cheaper WiFi HA devices, but with obvious limitations that we know about both cloud dependacy and traffic on the 2.4ghz crowed WiFi router band.

And I spend my time eliminating WiFi devices in favor of hardwired Ethernet…

Z-Wave is perfectly fine for a low powered wireless mesh HA network, especially for retro fit in to a home.

Zigbee is on the same frequency as WIFI 2.4GHZ so not as good as Z-Wave IMHO.

My life after Vera has me using nothing but Zigbee devices at the moment with no issues with interference. Most people won’t do it, but you can use a WiFi analyzer, some good free apps for this, and find the congested networks and avoid them. Also, can avoid your own Zigbee network. Of course, this requires people to access their router interface and many cannot because they use the junk provided by their ISP.
My last home was in a WiFi war zone with no less than 15 networks in conflict at every moment. In those cases, Zwave may be a better option.

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