OpenHAB, Vera and Locks

I discovered that OpenHAB cannot support locks right now. I had a scene under UI 5 that would turn on certain lights when a pin code is entered. That scene stopped working when UI7 stopped working with my 30+ GE Link lights.

I’ve begun to migrate everything over to OpenHAB in order to control my lights, is it possible to keep my lock on Vera, but have it trigger a scene in OpenHAB to turn on the lights if a code is entered?

Should be possible. I run my locks on Vera via the MiOS Binding and other things on OH1.

The MiOS Item Generator will build the openHAB Items needed to “see” the bits of the ZWave Door lock that’s paired with Vera.

You’ll get access to both the locked/unlocked status of it (see example in the Wiki page) as well as events relating to who unlocked it (if your lock supports that today, under MiOS). To work-around some quirks in Vera, you may need the solution posed in:

Up until a few months ago, I was using a Z-Wave door lock in this way.

As you remove devices from Vera’s Z-Wave network, it’ll become weaker (mesh-wise) so you may need to move Vera itself closer to the Door lock to keep it within range. YMMV here.

Awesome, just what I needed to know!

Thanks a million!

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