Openluup on android

Ok i am trying to run this on Android and AndroNix with Debian.
so far so good.
i get this error when reloading luup

root@localhost:/# Sat Feb 22 17:38:37 2020      device 0 '_system_' requesting reload
rm: cannot remove '/www/altui/altui*': No such file or directory
Sat Feb 22 17:42:04 2020        device 0 '_system_' requesting reload```

everythinng seem to be working and devices are shown on vera bridge.

what is that error and where are is the luup logs?

The error comes from AltUI, not openLuup. I believe that it’s benign.

The logs are in /cmh-ludl/log/... but best browsed in the openLuup console under the log pages. That error will probably not appear there, since it’s written to the standard output of the Lua process (it’s from a forked process.)

Thank you

the log shows the error with alexatts, The ID from params is being appended to the password.

This is only happening in the openLuup, not in vera.

I was wondering if the id is return by the getVar for the OTP, when null, but if i remove the appending of the OTP, i still get the ID appended.

293   luup_log:9: VeraAlexa(checkQueue@192): checkQueue: 9 - 1 in queue
2020-02-22 19:31:23.295   luup_log:9: VeraAlexa(checkQueue@202): checkQueue: 9 - play next
2020-02-22 19:31:23.296   luup_log:9: VeraAlexa(setVar@113): setVar("urn:bochicchio-com:serviceId:VeraAlexa1","OneTimePassCode","",9) old value ""
2020-02-22 19:31:24.986   luup_log:9: VeraAlexa(setVar@113): setVar("urn:bochicchio-com:serviceId:VeraAlexa1","LatestResponse","",nil) old value ""
2020-02-22 19:31:24.987   luup_log:9: VeraAlexa(executeCommand@235): Response from "cookie does not exist. logging in ... ERROR: Amazon Login was unsuccessful. Possibly you get a captcha login screen.  Try logging in to with your browser. In your browser  make sure to have all Amazon related cookies deleted and Javascript disabled!  (For more information have a look at /etc/cmh-ludl/VeraAlexa/.alexa.login)  To avoid issues with captcha, try using Multi-Factor Authentication.  To do so, first set up Two-Step Verification on your Amazon account, then  configure this script (or the environment) with your MFA secret.  Support for Multi-Factor Authentication requires 'oathtool' to be installed."
2020-02-22 19:31:24.988   luup_log:9: VeraAlexa(sayTTS@275): Executing command [TTS]: "export EMAIL=\"*******\" && export PASSWORD=\"*********9\" && export SPEAKVOL=50 && export TTS_LOCALE=en-uk && export LANGUAGE=en-uk && export && export && export TMP=\"/etc/cmh-ludl/VeraAlexa\" && /etc/cmh-ludl/VeraAlexa/ -e speak:test -d \"Lounge\""
2020-02-22 19:31:24.988   luup_log:9: VeraAlexa(sayTTS@280): Queue will be checked again in 1.248 secs
2020-02-22 19:31:26.318   luup_log:9: VeraAlexa(checkQueue@192): checkQueue: 9 - 0 in queue
2020-02-22 19:31:26.319   luup_log:9: VeraAlexa(checkQueue@196): checkQueue: 9 - queue is empty
2020-02-22 19:31:27.770   openLuup.http:: GET /openLuup?page=log HTTP/1.1 tcp{client}: 0xfbd1f60

the id is 9

just re tested and it is the OTP. i speak with the realdb


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