OpenSprinkler Issues with New UI7 Firmware

I have upgraded my Vera Plus firmware to 7.0.15 version. Since the upgrade, i have been having random Can’t Detect Device errors, The status is no longer updating, and sometimes commands arent being processed at all. Anyone else having these issues? Is there a good way to troubleshoot what is going on and resolve?


Found the issue - firmware wiped out the Json parser, reinstalled and back to normal

Do you have the directions for getting OS to work with Vera UI7? I currently have a OS 1.4 installed on my Vera. I can see the zone, but they dont turn on/off for me. I see various posts about having to update the jason files after installing the OS app, but i havent been able to find the full set of directions.

Can you expand on this? I’m running in to the same issue.

Can you expand on this? I’m running in to the same issue.[/quote]

Apologies. Stupid question. I just moved to a VeraSecure and forgot about the JSON Parser and newer Opensprinkler Files that had to be manually uploaded due to the newer firmware.

You can find my new plug-in (rewritten from scratch): New plug-in (re-written from scratch) for OpenSprinkler, supporting zones, programs and more!

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