Outdoor motion sensor

I’m looking for an outdoor z-wave motion sensor, but cannot find a decent one for Europe.
I found one named Steinel, but it seems to give problems with a Vera3 controller.
Any advise ?
Thanks in advance,

I’ve struggled for a long while to find something suitable too.

I know you say Z-wave, but I’m transitioning some lighting and sensors to Zigbee, specifically Philips Hue. The ALTHUE bridge by @amg0 works a treat on Vera with Hue indoor motion sensors.

I haven’t got an outdoor sensor yet, but take a look here:


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I have such Hue outdoor motion sensor and it works with ALTHUE, I am quite happy with it.

Aeotec Multisensor 6, have used it for several years outdoor (first year on a battery, from -35 to +35 celcius) without any issues.

Is it comparable with a VERA as a generic device?

As I already said, I have couple of 12v motion sensors and laser sensors attached to fibaro universal binary sensors.
Reach is better, because you leave the sensors outside, but the zwave devices are inside. You need to run some cables, but my house was new so I had the chance to do it properly. That’s the same trick I used to get reliable notifications for my fence and my car gates.

Edit: If I have known that a zuno existed back in the days, I’d have gone with it, since it is able to handle 10 sensors at once.

You should read https://getvera.com/products/aeotec-multisensor-6-eu

I use Everspring SP816s. I have seen them offered in EU frequency. Ebay if no where else. Not perfect, but outdoor + Z-wave plus + battery powered. Vera frequently shows them as not connected, but that is a polling issue - they still work and detect motion fine.

Thanks all for your replies. I see they’re all functioning with batteries…do you know of any working on 220V

Aeotec can be run on mains power (usb) and act as a repeater. You can also use DC-DC adapter from Philio (https://www.zwavetaiwan.com.tw/me004) for other battery sensors.

The Eversprings can run on USB…

Most, if not all, of these “outdoor” (zwave) motion sensors are real toys when it comes to accurate detection, no false detection in rain, snow, fog, wind, wide temperature-range etc.
That is the reason I use outdoor Visonic (burglar grade) sensor with multi-PIR elements and onboard processing on some key areas. False-alarms=0
WHEN it triggers, it means there a person in the detection field.

You could use a RFXCOM module on the Vera with the plugin and control such outdoor sensor.

I’ve been also looking for a ZWAVE(+) and came across the Steinel too, but indeed no confirmation it will work on Vera AND I’m not sure on its detection stability neither.

Perhaps this one ??

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…almost certainly true!

I use for 2 years the sensor TOPVICO on a VeraEdge.
Generic sensor configuration.
It is on a roof edge and works very well, despite the presence of trees.
I change the batteries once a year.

Outdoor ? This thing is not rated for outdoor use it seems.
What about heavy rain, temperatures around 0°C.
This thing uses also classic AA-batteries. (2 pieces)

Or perhaps you live in the sweet south of France where its always nice weather ?
How long do the batteries last ? I read from that Everspring SP816 that is really consumes a lot of battery…(eg. change every 2 months)

Indeed I live in the south of France in the Var.
I have changed the batteries only once since I have this device.
set up in November 2017.
It is a little sheltered, on the roof edge.
No problem with the rain and the current torrents … it’s true that the temperature rarely goes below 0 ° C
the appliance has a gasket.
I do not have false alarms, despite the presence of trees and the presence of wind in my area

Thx for the feedback.
You know what they say : the proof of the pudding is in the eating :wink:

Perhaps I should order one and evaluate it!

The cost of the device is about 20 €.
Personally I have long sought an outdoor detector to light my driveway, and by chance I found this one on AliExpress
I installed it in test and it is still there since 2 years
It is still a little sheltered by the roof rim
my driveway is 8 meters long and it allowed me to automate the lighting

I use aeotect 6in1. Works usb powered and motion is fine. Though I am in a months long debate with cerasupport and after the 2and physical device I keep having ghost devices appearing and no UV values reported.

I use a Steinel IS 130-2 and linked it inside to a Fibaro RelaySwitch FGS 221 e.g.
A movement activates the IS 130-2 and then the FGS 221
My VeraPlus executes further action
Not the cheapest way but it works (outside) for years, flawless.

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