OW Server - OW-SERVER-ENET-2 - Possible intergration with Vera Plus

I have a 1 wire network which I monitored in the past using a DS9490 USB adapter and an old PC running Digitemp. I basically set up some graphs to enable me to monitor the various one wire temperature devices. I have now done away with the old PC running Digitemp and I am investigating purchasing a OW-Server-ENET-2.

Can anyone confirm or other if this can be integrated in a useful and reliable manner with a Vera Plus (running the latest firmware), perhaps using the OWServer plugin?

Any other suggestions would be gratefully received.

I’ve being this hardware with the OW-server plugin on a Vera 3 and it has worked very well. However the plugin developer (ChrisJ) no longer supports it. Note you need to upload the “json.lua” file separately.

I would like to put the code into GitHub but would need ChrisJ’s permission to do so. It could probably do with a little updating ie make use of the json file used in later hardware.

Thanks a-lurker

I wonder if anyone has the plugin working on a Vera plus with U17?