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Has anyone been able to get the Intermatic PE653 working with a Vera Edge controller. I can get it to pair but the controls don’t work. I also can’t get the hand held to become a secondary controller.

What software do you have on the PE653? Have you tried reaching out to Vera support? In previous HW/SW there were some settings that needed to be changed to get the remote working as a secondary controller, but I don’t recall having any issue with including the relays.

I do have the PE653 (v3.3) working on a Vera Plus, so it is at least compatible with the newer z-wave chipsets, although it was migrated from a vera lite so I am not helpful with the current process of getting it included.

I see a lot of posts from different years (2011-2016)…
And it’s fairly split 50/50 of people stating that it works and it don’t work with Vera…

I would like to know if PE653 will work straight out of the box with Vera Lite (preferentially UI5), or any other Vera…

I called Intermatic today and the Technician said it will NOT work with Vera or any other controller…

It most certainly does NOT work with any Vera for most of it’s functions. Strangely, the PE653 uses z-wave to communicate with its own remote handheld remote, but does not play well with other z-wave controllers. It can be used as a z-wave controller for other modules, just like your Vera does, but connecting a PE653 to a Vera so you can monitor and control it through the Vera, is at this time, a completely lost cause.

I would hire a developer to get this set-up (in a couple of ways) but have so far been unsuccessful in finding anybody to do it for me.

I am running UI5, Vera firmware 1.5.622, Z-Wave 3.20, and Multiwave firmware version 3.4. I don’t have everything working yet, but I was able to successfully add the PE653 to Vera and Vera can control the 5 circuits. She can also display the temperature. I have a Pentair VS pump, and Vera cannot control my pump yet. I have also been unable to make my PE953 a secondary controller, but I think I can fix that if I spend a little more time on it.
I wouldn’t say it is easy, but it does kind of work, and Intermatic claims that firmware version 3.5 is coming out soon and will function much better with Vera. Their timelines are not very accurate, but I don’t think they have abandoned Multiwave yet.

I have mine up mostly running. I am on the newest UI7. I am having difficulty controlling the pentair heater but that should be corrected this week. It took an update from Intermatic to get it this far. I no longer need the white remote at all.

When you say ‘update from Intermatic’, is that v3.4 firmware you mean?

MIne just blew the transformer. No word back yet from intermatic

I run with Vera Edge using UI7 (You are running the latest version: 1.7.2139). After getting a firmware update for the PE653 I could use the vera to control the temp and the single speed pump. The right guys to talk with at Intermatic is a guy named Frank Pomeroy. I’m told a new fireware for the PE653 is coming out and will be even better then the custom one I have now. It’s amazing to see it working as it should.

I too have an un-released firmware from Intermatic for the pool controller. It works great and has amazing functionality (even with the ISY which I have). However, I would caution against assuming when or even if this firmware will ever be released. They did some work to make the PE653 more targeted at vacation homes and the rental market, but I am not sure they plan to support this for the consumer market. Also, the folks are Intermatic are really, really good people. They are doing their best, but this product is not taking off quite as quickly as they had hoped so their development team is ver limited. So cut them some slack if you can.

Can you share the firmware with others? How did you apply the firmware to the device?

This firmware cannot be flashed in the normal way. They have to do it at the factory using a JTAG connector. I think this is for security so that the firmware does not get out broadly.

That’s par for the course… Don’t put enough people into development so it is lacking then sales lag because people go elsewhere. If they put the development together with adequate resources it would seem it would sell more product. Home Automation is just now becoming a general consumer item and the first one in gets the prize I would think.

Does anyone out there have a copy of the 3.3 version of the firmware for the PE653/PE953?

I updated my units to 3.4, and it messed EVERYTHING up. Calling Intermec, they claim they don’t have a copy, but if I send both units to them they can flash them. When I asked what file they’ll flash them with and will they just send me the file, they refused.

Yes, I have version 3.3. PM me with your email and I will send to you.

Hi @blueman2, sorry to bug you over a year later, but i have searched the entire internet and cannot find where to download v 3.3 of the firmware for pe653 and the handheld. I saw your post, but now cannot figure out how to PM on this forum. Any chance you would be able to send me the firmware or post a link? Thanks in advance!

WANTED - used PE653 controller. I already have one PE653 but would like to have a spare for development purposes. If you are no longer using yours please PM me or post here so we can make a deal.

Vera Community. I have developed device handlers for SmartThings and Hubitat that have a significant user base of satisfied users. For these platforms we have found firmware v3.4 to be the most stable so I find it curious the number of Vera users wanting to go back to 3.3. I’m sure there are differences but hasn’t anyone tried to update the Vera driver to work better with v3.4?

If you’re interested in reading more about either of these platforms please read forum posts here:

Our handler controls the switches, thermostats, VSP speeds and reads temperatures, heater mode and integrates smoothly with the rules engines for full automation.

If you still have any developers active here I would be happy to share learnings from several years of reverse engineering, despite lack of support from Intermatic.


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