Pentair Pool Equipment

I have built a plugin to control your pool equipment without an Autelis device. It uses a Raspberry Pi and a RS-485 converter to communicate with IntelliCenter, IntelliTouch, EasyTouch and standalone pool pumps and chlorinators.

You can find the Pi interface at

and the plugin at


Very interesting. I have a piscine laghetto (astralpool) and I’m struggling to get support from the manufacturer. I hope to get a serial connection some day, and I will definitely look at your code/guidance for inspiration!

Nice. Now I have to order a Pi and 485!

Not sure of what to make of that hardware. According to the marketing material it looks like it uses RS485 to communicate with the pumps and chlorinators. The relay outputs look similar to Jandy and Pentair in that they use a low voltage xformer attached to high voltage relays. Even the lighting docs indicate the same on/off/on sequence for setting the themes and colors. Sometimes I wonder if all this gear is just re-branded from some unknowable source.

I suppose that depends on your definition of “source” :grinning:

Maybe not illuminati but a distant cousin maybe.

Unfortunately mine is manufactured here (even if they’re a group) and I can’t seem to find the data sheet. Two summers ago they mentioned a serial port because they were toying with the idea of an add-on. I should call them and convince to give me the details about the serial port.

so, I was able to track it back to a local manufacturer. they kindly sent me a diagram and I notice that it’s a re-branded device with a ModBus port on it. Serial to USB adapter ordered, can’t wait to hack this thing :slight_smile: It was on the backlog since 2 years, thanks @rstrouse for giving me the motivation :wink:


Good Luck. If the controller interfaces with VS/VF pumps and chlorinators its probably half-duplex RS485. The pumps and chlorinators form many manufacturers seem to be pretty standard in their protocols so you may learn something from nodejs-poolController.

In Europe Pentair sells pool control equipment under the name Intellipool. Does this plugin also work with Intellipool?

The original board seems to offer things that are probably disabled on this version. We’ll see. The model is Mopo Pro by Astrel Group.

I have already sent a couple of messages to friends working on the field, so I hope to be able to integrate this. I’ll definitely take a look at the project, even if I’ll place a raspberry with .net core near the controller and write some api as you did.

I don’t know as I have never seen one of these. It communicates with the same equipment so there is a good chance that it might. Maybe a bit less committal than you were looking for but all I can say is try it. If an rs485 port can be found poolController will listen to see if the messages are recognized.

Yeah the api is written in node. The pi is probably your best bet. Once you have it listening it is simply a matter of decoding the chatter.

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