Phantom devices?

Hi all,

I don’t know why but overtime my Vera creates phantom devices that don’t exist. I have a few dozen _MotionSensor devices in various rooms. Previously I tried to delete one of these devices and an actual device disappeared from my Vera.

Any idea what causes this?


Happened to me as well after adding Fibaro 2 Dimmer. There is LUA code to hide unwanted devices:

To hide a device: luup.attr_set(“invisible”, 1, deviceid)

To make it visible again: luup.attr_set(“invisible”,"", deviceid)

It’s a known bug ‘hopefully’ fixed in Feb.

Find the parent device, then reconfigure the parent device. That will usually remove them at least temporarily.

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Confirmed. Have two Aeon Multisensors in a seasonal home that produced 4 ghost/phantom _Motion sensors each during power outages during the winter. Clicked “Configure Node Now” under Advanced->Commands for each parent device and that removed all the phantom devices.