Phantom scenes?

Just moving this away from the Dashboard thread, while log surfing yesterday, I could see references to scenes which are not visible in either the normal UI or AltUI

Anything I should be worried about?


Notifications? These are implemented as hidden scenes.

Shouldn’t be. Not least because one of the scenes would have been dependant on one of the sensors I was having so much trouble and has been deleted several times, so can’t logically, exist any more?



Hmmmm. Déjà vu.

Really? Have I asked this before? I must be losing it :frowning:

Couldn’t find another example of the question either (apart from the notifications piece)

I can see them here as well:



I’m not sure if you’ve seen this before, but I have. It gave the Reactor UI some heartburn a few versions ago. It just came up again in conversation in another thread with @dJOS recently, so interesting that you mention it within 24 of that.

Plugin developers: “This can never happen.”
Luup: “Hold my beer.”

Ahh. Yes, I decided that drilling in to this wasn’t best done on the Dashboard thread. :wink:


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