Philps hue suddenly not responding

All of a sudden our Vera won’t control our Hue lights. Vera says its connected to our hue hub (all IP address etc checked and verified but it won’t issue any comments (sent failed in the message if trying to do it from vera dashboard).

anyone else having this issue ?. Normally this is rock solid.

if you are using alt hue the program has a bug the updated version … i already sent the developer a mesage

I’m using the standard app, all was good and then suddenly nothing at all (currently the back up option is using alexa to control the lights but of course all the scenes are out of action). Very odd as it’s been rock solid for years.

check to see what is sent

it should send something when a device change is made

The support team called me back to say they believe the issue might be caused with the Hue hub as it had a firmware update on the 20th. They see that something in the way the data is being transmitted between the two is triggering an issue (the reason Althue works is that it handles things differently).

If the hue update is the issue I’d have expected a few more people to be seeing the same issue, I’m told I’m the only one.

So still something strange and potentially no nearer getting it working. For now the althue app and some large amount of reprogramming scenes looks like the only way to get things working as a temp fix.

I have a spare hue hub so I’m tempted to try and give that a go just in case there is an issue with the hub that only impacts vera and nothing else (as the key goal is ti get everything back up and running again.

i actually just updated mine

I am getting the same issue. We use HomeWave and it constantly shows the dreaded red dot to indicate the device can’t communicate. It comes and goes, although today it’s hasnt cycled and all our bulbs show unable to communicate, so maybe the Hue bridge updated again.

My assumption it’s the issue of the Hue plugin and the Hue bridge being incompatible versions, as the plugin does indicate the version it supports, which appears quite old compared to the latest bridge.

I really hope Vera fix this as I don’t have the energy to totally redo all lights and logic in reactor again.
mind you it still works, and reboot fixes things, so maybe is a vera memory issue.

Ours is still not fixed. If we could identify it was actually the hue hub then I have a spare and would be prepared to undertake the significant task of adding everything back in. However since my initital tickets with the support team I’ve had nothing back (despite being told I would hear from them) so for now I’m leaving it as its “working” but its not the polished system it was (I dont want to do someting with it to then have to undo it again).

cough ALTHUE cough

Yes that our current patch to fix the issue, however for us it does not work as well as the included hue app. It might just be force of habbit but I prefer the “vera” app as it seems to work better for us.

What do you mean by “it works better”. I have used both and actually ported the icons from one to the other. I found nothing working better on the mios one. It was just very laggy inefficient and buggy.

By the way… Are you on the mzpost forum too?