Pinned topics don't stay pinned


Discourse has a slightly different notion of “pinned” (sticky) than the previous forums. In Discourse, users will not see pinned topics they have read at the top of the list anymore. SMF and others always list pinned/sticky topics at the top, whether they have been read or not.

So, I want to vote for the old behavior. It’s controllable by a switch in the admin settings–one checkbox apparently makes pinned posts stay at the top of lists whether they’ve been read or not.

More info here



You got my vote for the same request. Not a fan of all the changes though I know mostly it is for the best.



Yes, permanently pinned topics are very helpful… I used to read them often!

Also, it seems harder to see who has posted most recently, so I can’t tell if I’ve replied or not without actually going to the topic.



Hi guys, pins should stick now. Thank you for the feedback.