Please, help with basics for Reactor

Good day, Reactor professionals!
I have started to use Reactor, or try to use reactor, but seems I miss some basics. I was watching videos on youtube, but they did not gave an answer to me, or at least I haven’t noticed that.
please help me with the first steps with reactor.

The case is as follows:
I would like, that one lamp bulb could be controlled by 2 different places, 2 different switches. at the same time only 1 switch is electrically connected to the bulb.
I am trying to configure the following logic: switch S1 is connected to the bulb and when i press switch S2 it switches on S1, so I have the light. and when I press S1 it is also connects S2, so then, if I decide to switch off the bulb from S2 it could switch off the S1.
for that I have created the scenes CONDITIONS and also ACTIVITIES . please take a look on the pics, which are self-explanatory, I suppose.
please, what I am doing wrong, as the automation does not work :frowning:
thank you in advance
unfortunately, I can upload only 1 image, as I am new user


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one more pic

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and the last one

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Instead of posting screen shots, a Logic Summary is much mire useful for Reactor troubleshooting. Tools tabe:

Troubleshooting & Support

If you are having trouble working out your condition logic, or you think you have found a bug, here are some steps and tools you can use:

  • Check the Reactor Documentation.
  • Generate and examine a Logic Summary report. This text-based report shows your ReactorSensor’s current state, and its event list, which may tell you a lot about what it’s doing.
  • If the logic summary is not helping you, please post it to the Reactor Board in the Vera Community Forums. Be sure to read the instructions in the report header before posting. . In your post, describe what you are trying to accomplish and/or the problem you are having. Please do not post screenshots unless asked to do so. .
  • If you are asked for a “debug log snippet”, use this procedure (unless given other instructions in the request):
    1. Turn on debug by clicking this link: Turn debug ON
    2. Restart this sensor to force a re-evaluation of all conditions: Restart this ReactorSensor
    3. Wait at least 60 seconds, not less. This is very important—proceeding too soon may result in incomplete log data. During this period, you should also provide any “stimulus” needed to demonstrate the issue (e.g. turn devices on/off).
    4. Click this link to [generate the log snippet](javascript:void(0):wink: (the relevant part the log file). It should magically appear at the bottom of this page—scroll down!
    5. Post the log snippet to the forum thread, or email it together with your logic summary report and your forum username to . Note: this email address is for receiving logs only; do not submit questions or other requests to this address.

Looks like the last 2 conditions will never be evaluated true - why are you using AgInfo? Any idea what this variable shows? I can’t see it on any of my devices that I’ve got setup on my vp. Should it not be using the status variable?


Hi thank you. I have changed to STATUS on or off. now everything works if I switch on, but it does not work if I switch off. on of the device does not change its status and the logics breaks

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