Plugin for Bosch Indego Connect lawn mower


Can anybody help with creating Plugin or suggest me some other way of controlling Bosch Indego Connect lawn mower via Vera Plus?

Thank you in advance,

Search for something in python or nodejs. Maybe HomeAssistant already supports it.

@therealdb thank you for your suggestions,

I found multiple different methods on HA forum:

But I am not a programmer and I don’t really know how to implement it in to Vera.

Does it matter? I mean, if it’s supported under HA, you can simply call it via HTTP. If you just want to switch it on/off, look at my Virtual HTTP Device Plugin:

@therealdb The problem is finding HTTP address for calling ON or OFF.

Ask HA people how to do it. They probably know better.

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thank you for your advice

Not sure if the API are still the same, but it seems very easy to use. Unfortunately, a mower is required in order to develop it.

Since you’re doing cloud to cloud connection, maybe try IFTTT

Vera has a beta IFTTT support as well, but not for triggers:

But, you could just use the Maker channel, and create two endpoints that will trigger, when called, the mow and return actions.


I was told by HA user that:

“That is not possible, You have to initiate a session to the Bosch API Server. And then use a session ID to send commands.”

What’s not possible? IFTTT will encapsulate the logic for you. Maker channel can create an HTTP endpoint for you (the when), and then call your bot logic (the when).

I was talking about simple HTTP call. Via IFTTT I haven’t tried as is paid … to many subscriptions I don’t want to be adding more …

@therealdb please see PM I am bit confused with IFTTT.

As I said with PM, you should add the Maker Channel:

This is going to be the this part.

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Yeah top men :slight_smile: works :slight_smile:



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