PLUGIN: Intesis WMP Gateway

The Intesis WMP Gateway provides a thermostat UI for Intesis WMP Gateway products. These gateways facilitate air conditioning unit integration and provide Wi-Fi-based (and now Vera-based) control of a wide range of air conditioning products from LG, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Mistubishi, and others.

Supported gateway devices: IS-IR-WMP-1, ME-AC-WMP-1, DK-AC-WMP-1, DK-RC-WMP-1, MH-AC-WMP-1, MH-RC-WMP-1, TO-RC-WMP-1, PA-AC-WMP-1, PA-RC2-WMP-1, LG-RC-WMP-1, FJ-RC-WMP-1.

Installation for the product is (well, will be) as usual, through the Vera Apps interface. Version 1.0 supports ALTUI. It has not yet been tested on openLuup as of this writing.

Documentation for the plugin can currently be found in its GitHub repository.

The plugin supports ImperiHome locally via their ISS API. To make plugin devices available in ImperiHome, use the My Objects menu to add a new ImperiHome Standard System object, and provide the following local URL: [tt]http://your-vera-IP/port_3480/data_request?id=lr_IntesisWMPGateway&action=ISS[/tt]

2019-09-28: Version 2.4 retrieves, stores and uses device limits; improves response time by using adaptive read polling (we really, REALLY need real async I/O in Luup, engineering team!). Filters out crazy responses from the gateway termperature (some models report 32768 SETPTEMP in DRY and FAN modes).
2018-02-26: Version 2.0 is now available in the plugin marketplace. This version adds retrieval and storage of ERRCODE and ERRSTATE for wire-integrated gateway devices, and also support of network discovery via UDP broadcast, MAC search, or IP search. This should help users more quickly find their Intesis gateways with a minimum of network knowledge. As discovery is a significant upgrade to the prior release, a major version number change seems warranted. Existing version 1 devices should upgrade to version 2 automatically, but they will left disabled–they are not automatically deleted, and should be deleted by the user after confirming successful upgrade/reconfiguration. If the upgrade does not occur, delete all IntesisWMPGateway plugin devices and re-install the plugin.

2018-02-04: Version 1.0

Is this plugin just for the Intesis who communicate with the system with infrared. I have a device who is connected to my Panasonic heater with a cable but I talk with the Intesis device over WiFi. When I try to connet from my Vera I get this alarm when I write the IP in under the advance part.
Intesis WMP Interface[55] : Failed to open IO Port

This works for both the infrared and connected gateway devices that have “WMP” in the product name. Those are also listed here:

Thank you, I have one of those.
Do you have any idea what can be wrong? Is it something more than IP to set?

Since Vera opens the IP address configured in that version of the plugin, we’d need to get your logs to see what, if anything, was logged.

An easy way to do that is to use this URL: [tt]http://your-vera-IP/cgi-bin/cmh/[/tt]

You can paste the output in a PM or email to me (both available on my profile)

OK thanks, I will fix it when I go to my cottage this week.

I’ve got an update to the plugin that implements device discovery. That will go into Vera’s approval queue tomorrow, and should be available Monday.

Hello from France,
My config:
Vera3, version soft 1.7.1017
Intesishome: IS-IR-WIFI-1
I just install the plugin version 2.1, give IP of my first intesisdevice (, wait: ok, a second instance of plugin has been created, “com fail”…
I ping the ip: ok
try some commands… nothing.
Test with intesis software: ok.

Now, i destroy all the instance of the apps and restart the process from scratch…
Same problem.

If you can help me?
I join the vera log as attachement.
Best regards

This plugin doesn’t support IS-IR-WIFI-1. Intesis makes a large number of products with similar model numbers; the models supported are in the head post of this thread.

Ok, thank’s a lot for the reply.
As the plugin can’t open the ip adress, I thought it was an accessright problem…
Will you support this kind of gateway in the future?
Best- regards

I have asked Intesis for the API specs for their cloud so that I could build a similar plugin for those devices, but so far they’re resisting a bit. Their business objectives seem to be moving people to this new product, and they don’t want to cannibalize that market early in the launch, which I understand. I’ve discussed with them that this isn’t a perfect consumer-friendly approach for existing customers, and that consumers have a reasonable expectation that Internet-connected HA devices should be integration-capable. Much to their credit, I think they are taking my comments seriously. So, stay tuned; if the situation changes, I will certainly make an announcement (if allowed).

I saw that there is a Intesis Plugin in my Vera so I try it but I get no contact.

Then I saw that it don?t support Intesis devices conected to the cloud.

Have you heard anything new from Intesis about this.

Can I bypass this problem if I disconnect it from the cloud or is it a special firmware for the “cloud devices”.

Best Regards

[quote=“Vera Plus user, post:12, topic:198506”]I saw that there is a Intesis Plugin in my Vera so I try it but I get no contact.

Then I saw that it don?t support Intesis devices conected to the cloud.

Have you heard anything new from Intesis about this.

Can I bypass this problem if I disconnect it from the cloud or is it a special firmware for the “cloud devices”.

Best Regards[/quote]

The cloud devices have different firmware and apparently do not have support for the local endpoint. When I developed the plugin for Intesis, I pressed them on this, but their product marketing folks basically made it clear that wasn’t a priority for them. I got the feeling it is two entirely different product marketing groups and the one I was working with had a goal that didn’t include helping the other.

I suggest to all users of Intesis cloud-connected devices that they contact Intesis and tell them clearly: you have an existing Vera integration available for the non-cloud devices, but it does not work for the cloud devices and you’d like them to address this.

By the way, I received no compensation whatsoever from Intesis for this plugin (i.e. I did the work for free), so I’m not suggesting the above as a way of you helping me make money. My interest is purely in serving the largest number of customers possible with a useful tool.

Thank you.

I have contact Intesis earlier today and tell them the same about an interesting integration in my cottage.

Best regards


Do you know why the VERA app doesn´t support the Intesis Device. It runs OK from the Windows Browser, but not from the app.


Vera’s mobile apps do not adequately support the custom user interfaces of any plugins. This is a long-standing issue that they are aware of. Hopefully, it will be addressed now that they have access to more resources.

I reached out to Intesis and here’s what I heard back about the API for the cloud-based solution.

Hi Neil,

IntesisHome system has an API but I am afraid it is not ready for general consumption yet, and the access to it is restricted.
We are working hard to improve this API, but for the moment we prefer not to give more access to it.

We understand the need of our clients to get IntesisHome working with different home automation systems, so we have develop compatibility with Siri, Google Assistant, AmazonAlexa and IFTTT.
It doesn’t mean that we discard to develop more compatibilities in the future, but for the moment we wont be able to develop Vera compatibility.

We notify our newest releases via social media channels, so if you want to be updated I recommend you to follow us in the social media channels:
• Web:
• Twitter:
• Facebook:
• LinkedIn:
• Instagram:

Best Regards

Arkaitz Gastanaga
IntesisHome / Airconwithme Team

Phone: +34/938047134 (SPAIN)

As expected, unfortunately. Sooner or later Vera will be more on their radar. When it is, they’ll either open this up, or seek out Vera to do the integration. It really doesn’t matter to me if I do it, Vera does it, or someone else does it–I’m happy to do it if they’ll give me the minimum support of access to documentation, but in the absence of that, it’s a non-starter for me.

The supported WiFi gateways work great, apparently, though.

Any update on cloud integrated devices working with Vera?

No, status hasn’t really changed since June.

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