Plugin: Tesla Car integration


I created a first release of this Tesla Car plugin. I test it against a Model 3, but it should work for the S and X just as well. You can control many of the same remote options as from the mobile Tesla App.

It is in the Vera App market, and available in the ALTUI App store.

If you want to look at the code and (once done) the documentation look here

Still looking at good functionality to add, so suggestions are welcome. Just as bug reports.

Cheers Rene


Awesome! Looking forward to testing it

Do you think that I could persuade either Tesla or Vera to get me a test machine??


Successfully installed the app and connect to my model s! Seems to functioning well, will update if I see any other issues. Looking forward to have mobile app support for climate and charging etc.

Small issue ive found is that the window status is showing ‘All Open’ when all of them are closed!

Hi @Pabla,

Can you check the values of WindowsStatus and WindowsMessage?

Cheers Rene

Hi Ak, you can always ask :smile:

For window message I get “All are open” and this is what I’m getting for window status

Hi @Pabla,

Ok, that is not what I expected. It looks like the windows status is not reported, and that could be true if your car is still on API version 6. At least that is what I get looking at the API doc here

Can you set the log level to debug and see what gets returned in the vehicle_state for api_version and see if fd_window exists?

Cheers Rene

Will it work with the Power Wall battery bank?

Hi @BernieHollaway,

No this plugin is for the Tesla Cars only. However, feel free to take the code and build one as the API is the same. The Tesla API handling is in the TeslaCarApi module. The authentication, loggof and send command you should be able to use as is. You can update the commands mapping table with the power wall commands. More on that you can find here

Cheers Rene

Hi Rene,

Plugin has been working great for me. May I make a recommendation for the mobile app to use the thermostat device to set the climate temperatures? Also to have some toggles so that I can toggle charging on/off, lock/unlock etc. and for aesthetics purpose each switch have the icons associated with the state the cars in ie next to the lock/unlock toggle instead of having a switch icon have the Tesla unlock icon show. Otherwise great work.


Hi Pabla,

This is exactly what I have on my to-do list. This way they will also show as standard devices in the Vera app.

I’m especially looking for the easiest way to unlock the charger cable. They should have included a button on the car or link it to the unlocking of the doors. So clumsy to dive into the car or open the phone app.

Cheers Rene

To unlock the charge port you can press And hold the button on the charger while the cars unlocked to unlock the port. This only does work if the charger you’re using has a button on it to begin with.

Hi Pabla,

Problem is that the cables used in the EU (Mennekes type 2) typically do not have that button. Not even the cable supplied by Tesla! It seems that they do exist, but are not that easy to find.

Cheers Rene

If you have a newer iPhone and a model 3 you can maybe place an NFC tag in the charge port door and use Siri Shortcuts to unlock the charge port when it senses the NFC tag

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