Plugin version 1.61

This version will handle the Pro versions of the firmware.
It should also work with the new RFXtrx433XL hardware. I’m not yet able to test this but hope to soon.
This version can also add Kangtai devices.
I’ve improved the handling of rain gauges as well.
Like previous updates the ZIP file contains all plugin files but only these are modified:


New to rfxcom, so maybe this question is silly, sorry.

I managed to install the beta 3 package into my VeraEdge, but what is this 1.61 zip file for?

The beta 3 package is the last version from the previous developer. He no longer supports the plugin so I’ve picked it up. The zip file is the complete plugin.

Ah great! And thank you.

So I have to remove the beta3 stuff? How to do that?

And then use your 1.61 zip file and upload the files in it?

And after that, create device etc etc?

If the app shows up in the Apps tab and there is an option to remove it, then do that. Otherwise you should only have to upload all the files in the zip file. They will overwrite the older existing plugin files. If you have created any devices using the old plugin I’d suggest you delete them.

Unzip the ZIP file to a location on your PC
Open your browser to the VeraPlus page - connecting to your Vera
Select the Apps tab on the right
In that tab select Develop Apps
On that page select Luup files - that will list all of the files on your Vera controller
Select the Upload button - that will open a dialog allowing you to browse to where you unzipped the zip file
Select all of the files from the zip file
Select the Open button in that dialog

Once the files are all uploaded the Vera will restart. When that is complete (all the lights on the Vera are back on) go back to the Develop Apps page on the Vera and select Serial Port Configuration. In the Used By Device drop-down you should be able to select the RFXtrx device. Make sure it shows baud 38400, data bits 8, parity none and stop bits 1.

Oh BTW… I don’t see an icon for the RFXCOM device, just like an bulp for lights.

You are doing a great job. Unfortunately the old info is still here and on which adds to the confusion around what to use… and “all” guides for vera and rfxcom433e points to the outdated plugin.

can’t you at least get the currently pinned posts removed and add your own? and also update the mios reopository or get a banner in there that says “don’t use this, go to the forum and pick up the latest version”


Hello, tinman, thank you for your work. May you suggest me if I install your plugin how to add RF rgb led controller?

Can you tell me exactly which RGB LED controller (manufacturer and model number) you would like to add? Have you checked the RFXtrx User Guide to see if the device is supported? If it is not supported by the transceiver it probably cannot be added by the plugin.

Straight from the Rfxtrx user guide:

RGB LED strip driver - order nbr: 130913 (new TRC02 not supported) , 67412

I can’t find anything on using either of those product numbers. Make sure your RFXtrx has the Type2 firmware installed. The basic idea is to connect your RFXtrx directly to your PC and then use RFXmngr, enabling the AD protocol. Then pressing buttons on the remote control. If the RFXtrx can decode the signal from the remote the data shown on the RFXmngr window will include the ID number of your device. You then use this ID number to add a device from the New Device tab of the RFXtrx plugin screen on the Vera hub. Refer to sections 7.12 and 7.13 in the user guide. Once you have the ID number add a new device to the RFXtrx plugin. Select the Lightwave RF device category and the Switch Light device. give it a name and enter the ID number. You may have to convert the hex number to decimal.

I still haven’t bought it but I really was hoping that I will be able to control the RGB controller over RFXtrx. As I understand even if I buy that RGB controller (still the RFXtrx guide says it supports it than I guess it does) through my Vera I will only be able to switch it on and off and won’t be able to control colors, right? Since this is the case I’d rather go to the more expensive way - Zwave RGBW from Fibaro or something like that. Thank you for your answer.

Hi, tinman. So I get an RF rgb controller to test anyway. Here is what RFXmngr gives when I push button for on/off on the remote:

Packettype = UNDECODED RF Message

For red it gives:
Packettype = UNDECODED RF Message

And so on. So my question is can I somehow send my personal codes through RFXtrx? I have an IP2IR for my Vera and I have a few scenes using LUA code to connect to that devices over IP and send the desired IR command. So is there a way and how can I send such Undecoded RF messages over RFXtrx?

Yes would like to know that too, cause then I could turn of/off my fireplace.

See here for the pst with the question:,112738.msg428805.html#msg428805

If you want to try to communicate with a device that isn’t directly supported by the transceiver you might look at section 15 of the User Guide. I may look into this at some point but right now I’m working on a redesign of the plugin code to make it easier to add new devices.

Can’t find or don’t understamd correctly what User guide are you talking about. May I ask for a link, please?

You’ll find it here:

[quote=“tinman, post:17, topic:200106”]You’ll find it here:[/quote]

I need the LUA code to send commands from Vera to RFXcom. What code to send I’ll see it later.

[quote=“tinman, post:17, topic:200106”]You’ll find it here:[/quote]

Hi, tinman. I wrote to RFXcom and here is what I got from them:

This undecoded packets can?t be used. There is another option in the latest Pro firmwares to use RAW data.

Enable only undec on in the latest RFXmngr to see the RAW data.

So does your pluin allows us to send RAW data to the devices? I’m also a programmer and I’m willing to help if you let me. I have made a custom plugin for a not supported by Vera device. I can give you a screen shot of it. It has an API so my plugin is “talking” to that API. As I said I made my Wifi2IR (IP2IR) device working with Vera even though it doesn’t have official support. So I think I could help at least if you give me some directions.

I believe the reply you got from RFXcom refers to section 15 of the User Guide. After taking a look at that you might take a look at a post I made a while back:,100207.msg410246.html#msg410246
That may provide the means of using some Lua code to send commands to your device.
I’m in the middle of a sizeable redesign of parts of the plugin right now.

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