Possible to communicate directly to devices connected to vera via USB/RS232?

In the most simple terms… Is there anyway to connect and communicate directly to the device attached to vera via USB-Serial adapter.

Long explanation. I want to communicate with my DSC alarm panel connected to Vera via usb/serial adapter to IT-100 to get the zone status of the alarm panel. I want to “speak” native dsc code directly to the IT-100 via Vera’s USB/RS232 adapter and get the DSC native response. Effectively I want to “use” vera as a pure ip to RS232 adapter to send/receive raw data to the DSC.

Wishful thinking?

Yep, that works. Just be sure that your serial adapter is one that the Vera recognizes. Also be sure that Vera can supply enough current to the adapter through the USB port.

How do I do it?

Maybe I wasn’t clear. I want to bypass Vera and communicate directly to the device with a 3rd party app… I want to send/receive commands to the device in its native protocol. Effectively use Vera as an rs232-ip to make the device available on the network.

I’m hoping there is something like http://veraip:specialport that behaves identical to having the device connected to an ip-rs232 adapter connected to the device.

When you plug a USB-Serial device into Vera, it detects it and automatically assigns it to be managed by ser2net. Vera then maintains a certain amount of metadata about that Serial port within it’s own config, and you can see this in the UI (under Apps/Develop Apps/Serial Port configuration)

IF you don’t attach this to a Plugin, then it’s accessible via a standard TCP Connection, via the port outlined in the UI, since ser2net listens widely. If you attach a plugin to it, then it’s effectively “used” and no-one else can connect.

There’s no automatic HTTP <-> TCP mapping going on, but the TCP port is there if you want to do something with it from a local and/or remote entity.

There are a few users here that use RaspberryPi’s (etc), combined with ser2net directly, to do this without need for Vera.

So has anyone managed or is trying to plug in a Rako RAV232 serial interface ( with a USB converter) lighting controller

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