Power monitoring suggestions?

I have spent the better part of the evening trying to figure out how to monitor power usage of a device. It seems everything talking about this is 5 years old, dead, abandoned, or hopelessly complicated. I looked at the Zabbix plugin. It seems abandoned and the XML didn’t work with Zabbix 5. It seems the out of the box ERGY portal has been dead or flaky for years. DataYours appears to be way over kill and a bear to get working. Is there any way to easily get power usage over time with decent granularity (per minute?) out of a Vera for a device or two? What are people using?

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I believe that this request still works…


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I use the mqtt plugin to subscribe to the power usage events and then pump event data into influxdb for reporting via grafana - a little bit of effort to set it up but it has been running flawlessly for years. I use it to monitor my climate control power usage, including dehumidifiers and auxiliary fans, to analyze how improvements to our home reduces the power consumption required to maintain a comfortable environment. I believe there is an influxdb plugin that will accomplish nearly the same thing.

I was hoping for something more turnkey, but considering my need, curl and a little awk then to Excel - this might be perfect. Thanks!

The subtext I’m getting though is folks are just sucking it up and going with DataYours. Though in my digging it seems there is an InfluxDB plugin or two which would be more my speed.

Edit: hah, blacey posting the same thing at the same
time. Cheers. I was just hoping I could not do the day job at home but ah well. MQTT and Influx beats whisper. I have bad dreams of whisper files from the old days.

If you go down the mqtt & influx path, you might want to add node-red to your stack for simple in-flight transformations of event before it hits influx. Node-red subscribes to mqtt topics and writes messages to influxdb directly and you are free to do whatever you want with the message payload in between.


I used your suggestion and it worked well for my needs. For anyone who needs a quick and dirty like I did, this is the script I used. Note I piped to ‘ts’ to add a time stamp per line:

while :
x=`curl '' | ts`
echo $x  >> hotwater.txt
	sleep 10

I just ran it in a screen session over night and it pulled into Excel as a space delimited file no sweat.


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