Problem with Vera and Hank hkzw-scn04


I have several hkzw-scn04 in my system, i use them with direct associations to other units (dimmers, relays and bulbs)

The problem seems to be that if i turn on the light with the hkzw-scn04 and the controller turns it off later, when i then want to turn on the light i have to press two times on the hkzw-scn04. But if i only use the hkzw-scn04 and never change status via the Vera(Scenes or manual) the hkzw-scn04 seems to work on the first time every time i want to turn the light on or off.

Its like the hkzw-scn04 sends separate ON and OFF commands instead off Switch command, and when i turn on with hkzw-scn04, and off by scene(or other button) the hkzw-scn04 next time i press sends OFF, not knowing the light already is turned off

Hope you get what i mean … Regards Jonas