Propane Monitoring

I did a search, but didn’t come up with any results. Has anyone done any monitoring of their propane tanks? I have a buried 250 gallon propane tank that is used for my furnace, hot water heater and gas cooktop. The dial on the tank says “Remote Ready”, but I can’t seem to find a remote that attaches to it.

Closest thing I could find is this:

But I’m looking for just the sensor that maybe I could integrate somehow.

Does anyone have any idea or thoughts?


Here’s a remote. Your tank likely has a mechanical float gauge that turns a small magnet at the top. The magnet in turn operates a gauge capsule that is set on top of the float gauge. That gauge capsule displays the tank level, but remote reading capsules have a potentiometer winding in them that allow for remote electrical gauges to be connected. This is nearly identical to how many marine fuel tank senders work with electrical sender capsules.

Using a Z-Wave sensor like the Fibaro universal sensor or perhaps the Fortrezz multi IO sensor, I suspect you could get a tank level reading from such a remote reading capsule.

You might also be able to place a door/window sensor near enough to the tank’s float gauge that the magnet might trip the sensor at the right level.

I have never attempted either of the previously mentioned solutions, but I’m pretty sure I could get at least the first one to work. The second idea would depend on how much space you have to work with around the float gauge and if you could mount the door sensor at just the right spot and angle. You’d need lots of duct tape, I suspect.

Edit: From your link I found these gauge capsules. Now all you need is a Z-Wave sensor that can take the variable input, like the Fibaro .

I had seen that remote in my searches. I find a lot of remotes, just not the sensor by itself. If I could find a part number or the manufacturer, I might be able to find one somewhere.

My gauge is very similar to the one you linked to. I just need the remote sensor. I was thinking of using one of the universal sensors (Fibaro of Fortrezz), when they’re finally available in the US. I figured by the time I get around to running the wire from the backyard to the basement, the multi IO sensors would be available. Didn’t want to buy the $89 remote just to cut the wire for the sensor.

A little late on posting this, but this may be the sensor you would need:

Here’s a post on the HomeSeer site discussing using the sensor, not sure how easy it would be to apply the info to make a working system:

Would love to know of any off-the-shelf z-wave solutions.

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