Push message when a door is open

I’m technically on day 2 of setting up my system. So far, I’m only using door contacts at the moment and the Gen 2 keypad from Lowe’s Iris. I have a wine cellar that I want to receive a push alert each and every time the door is opened. I’m a total newbie to this system but can’t find anywhere to send a push alert for that specific sensor. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Next to the sensor in the webgui, click > and select notifications. Select ”Whenever door is opened whether its armed or disarmed”. Select the user who should receive the notification and name it.

Not sure if needed but I have in User & Account Info - User info, selected ”Send me push notifications”.

Perfect, thanks. I created the rule just like you had explained but the check box look like it was checked but greyed out. Working perfectly and thank you again.

Yeah the UI should show black rather than gray in my opinion.

Agree, but it gets green when checked to match the somewhat outdated overall green theme. A bit confusing it’s working without being selected, maybe it’s like this (grey and working) when there’s only one user configured in the system?